Overclocking: Did I Cause Damage?

I have an ASUS A7V8X-X mobo with an 2700+ processor. Everthing has been ok for several months but when I turned it on last night the BIOS came up like I had hit the delete key. It was in the part where it shows the processor speed , I believe under advance settings, and it was wrong and had no setting for a 2700+. So I went to the section where it says to "load setup default, which I did, then pressed F10 and saved and then went into Windows. I went to the system icon in control panel and it showed my processor as a 1700+. I looked online to see what my settings should be and on one site it said that the 2700+ actually runs at 2171 mhz with a CPU frequency of 167 and a multiplier of 13 wich equals 2171 mhz so I set the bios to that manually. Upon further research, I discovered from AMD that it really runs at 2167 mhz with a CPU frequency at 166 and a multiplier of 13! I quickly changed the CPU frequency back to 166. My question is, did I do any harm to my CPU? Did I shorten it's life? As you can see by my continued use of socket A boards, I am a poor soul who has not much money for upgrades or replacement parts.
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  1. haha, no worries, you did a VERY MINOR overclock. You might have lost 1/8 of a second in your processor's life. You have nothing to worry about.
  2. No harm dont I've oc the xp3200 since I got it and still going strong, as far as shorting life I think its a myth becase ever system I have is oced and the xp2500 is still running after all these years. MYTH, oc Life
  3. All you did is void your warranty, lol
  4. are you sure, because i am pretty sure as long as you dont harm the chip with overlocking it. you just have to send the chip back to the warrenty with stock HSF and standard bios and Clock settings
  5. supposedly you voided your warranty, but if u ever send hte chip back.. they will never know. Unless hte cpu keeps a log somewhere in cache about all its clock rates etc. no 1 will know but u and the ppl u choose to tell (well.. and every1 that looked at this post) but its only those who work at Amd that counts right?..
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