Ye Edmonton Now Let's Take The Cup!

Watching the game here @ work on my lunch break. More exciting than Conroe OR AM2 :D
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  1. Thanks for that update, I'll forward it to the president right away. :wink: :P
  2. I would also like to point out that our home crowd didnt boo the american national anthem like they did to ours 8)
    You could @ least give me the dignity of some hot KB :lol:
  3. I'm still pissed that Ottawa got eliminated and the Leafs didn't even make the playoffs.

    Is it actually above 30C in Edmonton right now? That CBC weather lady keeps getting excited about those temperature records being broken.
  4. Too lazy, besides you all know the link. Get your own keyboard. :wink: :P
  5. Ye its hot as hell right now man. Has been for weeks.
  6. We has about 40 Dell people in our lunchroom watching hockey on a 42in plasma with bunny ears with crap reception. Thats why Hockey is still our game :D

  7. cough...ahem.....whistle
  8. Quote:


    should add "swept 2nd round" to the end of that list....
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