Laptop Internal 5400 rpm Vs external USB2 or Firewire

My work laptop's HD is very slow (" rel="nofollow">Compaq NC6100).
Is it possible to setup an external HD connected to a USB2 or 1394 port that would deliver better performance than an internal 5400 laptop HD?

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  1. USB HD would be slower even if the external HD was a normal 7200 RPM HD. Firewire would help and be a bit faster than your normal USB connection. But still I think your internal 5200rmp HD would be faster than any external HD you buy. (unless you have external eSATA connection)

    I think the best solution for you (if you are willing to spend a bit) is to get a new 7200rpm HD for your laptop. These days Laptop HDs do come in a 7200rpm flavor.

    Take out your old 5200rpm HD and use this slower HD as your USB external HD to put pics MP3s etc. Who cares how fast your external HD is because your limited by the USB, and a 5200rpm laptop HD would be a perfect external HD its small, quiet and cool.
  2. Hi,

    I guess I am gonna wait until my employer buys us new laptops. I'll make sure they give me one with a 7200 HD.
    Thank you for you reply, it has cleared some doubts I had about external HD.

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