BF2,, WTF man?

OK, Here's the deal.

This game is giving me so much trouble I want to throw my mouse through the monitor! I need to know if anyone else is having this trouble and knows a fix:

System specs: Asus A8N SLI-delux, 2x512 corsair xms matched, A64 3500+, dual raptor hdd's 2x74G, 6800 ultra pci-e, 510W pc power & cooling psu

I can play the game in single player mode, but still gets laggy sometimes. (lately even at medium video settings) Online, 90% of the time my machine locks up completely either in the first 10 secs of joining the game or the first time I get into a heavy combat situation. ex: like whenever multiple explosions and people and maybe my death.
Then the last couple days I haven't even been able to play single player even after dropping all the video specs to medium. ( I was originally running high of course) I've gone as far as to defrag the hdd, clear the prefetch folder, end all unneccesary processes in tm, and do registry scan/fix. (regclean type thing)There was the 1.1 patch which I know blew, but there's the 1.02 v on the site which I did run with little to no difference. I've sent emails to EA even with no real help. The system is brand new as of Feb. this year and runs all other games fine at high specs. (HL2, CS:S, Far Cry, Doom3, etc.)

I really itch to play this game but it's driving me insane! Any help from anyone would save my brain from complete and total frag withdrawl meltdown.

<font color=blue> That Jesus Christ guy is getting some terrible lag... it took him 3 days to respawn! </font color=blue>
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  1. You should be able to run that game at 1280x960 at high settings. 1024x768 just to be safe. Download FRAPS and see how you're actually doing and check the ping of the servers you're on. I found a good server and now I always play on it.

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling. Can't hurt.

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  2. I'll give that a shot. But I have uninstalled and reinstalled already. And it's running choppy sometimes in singleplayer which shouldn't have anything to do with net latency. I'll try the FRAPS bit. Will that diagnose anything or are we just talking a frames/sec monitor?

    And yeah, I should be able to run at much higher specs, which is why this is driving me batty.

    <font color=blue> That Jesus Christ guy is getting some terrible lag... it took him 3 days to respawn! </font color=blue>
  3. I play single mode at 1024x768 and Lighting on medium and AA off, though my card is set to 4x 4x and high quality. With those two on high it was choppy and I have a good feeling another gig of ram would help, but I’ll just lower those two settings for now, since I don’t want to spend the $$$. I have P4 3.3, 6800 U, one gig of ram. Do you have as many Service disable as you can, also eye candy set to best performance? The less running in the back ground the better. As for on-line the only thing I can think of is firewall and if it’s not that maybe trying the game with out patching it first.
  4. Have you played any of the other game you listed recently? (to see if they still perform well?). It is possible you have a hardware problem (a defective memory stick, or some prob in the gfx card).

    If it is just BF2 then a bug in the code is more likely (and then you should be able to find something on it on the net).


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  5. If you have anything overclocked on your computer, drop it to normal and/or disable it. I found when I over clocked my memory or cpu, it was really choppy.

    Though I was playing last night and every server was lagging.. I was pulling server pings of around 200 in the menu, and 70-160 in-game.
  6. BF2 needs a buttload of ram if you want to run at higher graphics settings. I'm at 1152x864 (why dont they have 1280x1024!?!?), High on everything, and 4x filtering. I've got 2gb of ram and it is usin over 900 of it, lol.
    My comp would crash to desktop every so often until the 1.2 patch, havent crashed since. I think the sucker just likes ram.

    I mostly join the EA US Official WC servers. The 1.2 patch now shows all the servers as having pings of 300+ but when I join I have yet to go over 20.

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  7. What's your name in BF2? I have this really cool name "Riser" in the game. :)

    I'm going to find you and shoot you. (in the game) :)
  8. Well, Folken was taken so I decided to get creative and do Folken1 :)

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  9. Someday I'll hunt you down and I'll shoot you.. some day..

    even if you're on my team. :)
  10. lol

    *glances behind back...

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  11. This machine is setup for just gaming. I have nothing running that isn't required by the system. All settings are set for max performance, and I even went as far as to disable the XP firewall, and the router's firewall.

    <font color=blue> That Jesus Christ guy is getting some terrible lag... it took him 3 days to respawn! </font color=blue>
  12. I have gone back and played CS:S and Far Cry with no issues. I don't think it's hardware based, though anything's possible of course. I haven't found any advice on the web other than the 1.2 patch, playing that little "login, hit escape, wait, go back in" bit which works occasionally, and the Nvidia driver which I've run with both the most recent signed version and the one they supply with BF2(which isn't signed).

    And Riser: I don't have anything OC'd at all, all at stock settings.
    <font color=blue> That Jesus Christ guy is getting some terrible lag... it took him 3 days to respawn! </font color=blue>
  13. I cant even connect to multiplayer. Even with firewall turned off.
    The server list will show all available servers but if i try to connect to a server it just goes back to the server list.
    Needless to say i put the game up on the shelf and gave it up.
    Very dissapointed i am.

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  14. Its your memory man, trust me, i had the EXACT same problem and i have a very similar system. I'm running BFG 6800 GT OC(unfortunately its AGP, so this system is on its last leg graphics card wise), 2 GB OCZ PC4000(2.5-3-3-8), A64 3200 oc to 2.4 1:1, 120 gb baracuda, audigy 2 zs, DFI lanparty UT NF3 Ultra-D. I used to only have 1 gb of ram and it ran very choppy, it was always loading, i had to turn the draw distance down to 50% and reduce a few graphics and it still chopped. I finally decided what the hell....icopter and bought another gig, and lo and behold choppy go by by. Another 512 would have been fine too, but i didn't want to loose dual channel and didn't want to waste money getting 2x256's. Also try PCI latency tool, you can get it off of guru3d, try setting the agp/video card latency to 128 or 64. For some reason modern video card tend to hog bandwidth and process priority for the cpu and keep other devices waiting, which can cause pauses and lag, especially in game like BF2 that are not near being optamized and are overly powerhungry.

    Asus A8V Deluxe(rev. 2.00) / A64 3200 (winchester) / 1024mb OCZ DDR500 (2.5-3-3-8) / BFG 6800GT@stock / Baracuda 120GB / Lian-Li PC-65 / Syncmaster 700NF / OCZ Power Stream 520
  15. I am getting the exact same problem. My PC runs BF2 fine in Single Player, then completely crashes my computer in the first 10 seconds or when there is alot of action in Multiplayer.

    I've emailed EA about the problem, and first reply I got tried to tell me to get a PCIe Display Card, when I'd clearly stated I had a PCIe 6600GT. Idiots. After writing back and blasting them about sending me a completely irrelevant response, I got a more reasonable response, suggesting that my firewall/router was blocking some of the necessary ports required for online play. So, I configured my ZoneAlarm firewall to allow those ports, and then tried to configure my router. But I found out my router couldn't open enough ports at the same time (courtesy of So, I took my router out of the equation, and instead plugged my cable modem straight into my computer, but to no avail. Same thing happened. It is really pissing my off, because I would really like to play this game. The demo was awesome, and the full game can only be better. I think EA/DiCE just can't admit they have crappy netcode for the game.

    I guess I'll just have to hope that the 1.03 patch fixes my problem. Here are my spec, in case they help anyone solve this problem.

    Athlon 64 3500+
    Albatron 128MB 6600GT PCIe
    2x512 Geil Dual Channel DDR400
    Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9 (nForce4)
  16. I have mine oc with bf2 and it is better game play than normal.
    xp3200 206 fsb at 11.5.
    vcore volts 1.85
    agp volts 1.65
    vcard oc to 430
    vmemory to 1150
    frames and game works great at this oc but one must have great cooling for this to happen.

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  17. Quote:
    one must have great cooling for this to happen.

    or have a Intel :wink:
  18. What did you do to cause the game to get worse over time? One minute you can play on high settings at least single mode and now medium is giving you trouble, does low settings help? Is it possible while cleaning up you deleted something you shouldn’t have? If it isn’t hardware, then maybe it’s a BIOS setting, video card setting or a setting in the game. I would say turn down some setting in the BIOS. That might help with freezing, but doesn’t explain the choppiness, since your not OC. A long shot would be to disable any PCI devices, like sound and the net card, just to see if that stops the choppiness. You can check the Device Manger and change the View to Resources by type and check the Interrupt request and see how many or what is sharing IRQ with your card and try disable the others if you can. Of course reinstalling the game from scratch and making sure the folder is delete too, maybe search for any BF2 files and search the registry too, would give you a clean start, at least game wise. Then try the game at the recommended settings, before any patches. Maybe you have too many services disabled and window’s is having a fit and you might want to check there. Sorry I can’t be of more help then that. Obviously something is screwed up and the tough part is going to be figuring out what that is and if you can back track what you did that might of made things worse it might help track it down.
  19. :tongue:

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  20. Its not your system dude maybe a bit of tweaking your system in the right ways. Its bad programming in bf2. By default winxp set the primary hd to pio mode ever time I have to redo windows I have to change this to dma mode in device manager I do realize you use raptors and this should not be a factor in your case.

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  21. Hehe, I do actually have a little better then stock heatsink and may have a heat problem after awhile of play when tempts reach near 50C and the room tempt influence that when it’s over 85. I have a P4 2.8 OC to 3.36 and everything on in the BIOS. A simple lowing of the ram timing solved the problem though and the problem started after trying to squeeze faster timings.
  22. hope to see ya in the 6th match soon dude yes cooling is a big factor for the frame rates I think that is why my xp3200 works so good in bf2 with the cooling I have now the oc reallys helps

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  23. I been pretty content playing single mode, but get on-line from time to time. You can recognize me easy. I’ll be the guy running in circles trying to decide which way to go. :wink: I have a ways to go on-line. Some games I get high score and other times I don’t get a single point. I wish they had the maps off line as well. Yeah I agree the OC helps, but the best change I made was turning Lighting to medium and AA off, but still get some choppiness on larger maps and it seems to be more a lag thing on-line. Agree cooling is important, especially with an Athlon if I dare say with out opening up a can of worms. If I had the money I would build an Athlon and for sure would have the best cooling I could afford.
  24. if you can stay with the 32 size maps it may help the online
    but I'm quite certian that a patch will come for the online play. Even the servers are haveing the lag and if they do so will we. Its not your system dude you have a system that well exceeds the high recommondations. Its not all you dude. and me too runs around,points aint the whole point its having fun and meeting dudes that enjoy playing the game.
    winguide this is usefull for some manual tweaks
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  25. I must have taken UT too seriously, because I played to win and frown on the ones that didn’t seem to know what they were doing. I stop playing UT after five years and now I'm hooked on BF2. I’m the noob now and feel I’m not pulling my weight, but yeah I have a hack of a lot of fun and it's hard to believe I can when I don’t score a single point. :lol: I hope the ping does get better in time.
  26. Hey there all,
    I found out the issue:
    It was a Punkbuster problem. They linked me to Nvidia's site, but to the nforce4 chipset update. Uninstall the Nvidia drivers from add/remove then install the update cuz it'll cause different issues if you install over the top of the old ones. That solved all my probs. Just never thought about that one. :)

    Thanx to all who tried to help me out, and I hope this may help those who r having similar issues.

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  27. should never install over the old ones thats real old news but its good to mention incase somebody didnt know always always update drivers.

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  28. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here's a good tweak guide </A> note, I set my sound to hardware and did the tweak and it sounds much better.
  29. Great info on that link dude thank for that I cant wait to see ya in the battlefield soon, knifes only. its way to funny seeing dudes around the world jumping like jackrabbits.

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  30. Yeah it seems a lot of settings don’t even need to be on high and you can get away with 1 or 2 on low with out missing much. I’m still fooling around with them. When I changed the sound settings to my Audigy2 I could tell the difference right away and that a loan was worth it. Yeah the people jump like jackrabbits and it looked like one guy did a flip or something in front of me and killed me before I could him, for about the 4th time. I was on-line last night and it was a little frustrating. First I couldn’t figure out how to use the machine gun in the helicopter (passenger), unless the only weapon I had was that Anit-tank gun or what ever it was. Second, when I jump out of the helicopter I die, because my shot doesn’t open, maybe I have to hit the key twice. Three, was going in circles with the jeep and the passenger bail. Four, couldn’t keep the helicopter steady. Five, kept getting killed from who knows who, either when I first came back to life or running around. Six, I could start shooting at someone first and they still kill me, grr. Maybe I’ll check that address out you posted. I’m Jeff with some numbers, but I don’t know them, until I load on again.
  31. haha..

    I fly those helicopters and my gunner is never shooting most of the time. Why can people not figure out how to use the machine gun? What's so hard about it.. heh.

    Now I have a problem with the helicopters were I can't hit [-peep-] with the rockets. I know how to aim, but even then, the rocket aways levels out and goes past what I'm aiming at. I don't see how some of these people can seem to hit everything all the time.. I haven't figured that trick out.

    When you get in a fight, your best thing to do is fall on the ground. Sometimes it's good to move, stop, shoot, move and keep picking at them. A support person on the ground has problems aiming at you when you're moving and close to him.

    I have problems with my shute all the time. I hit the button 3-5 times before it works.. many a times I'll bail out and keep hitting it and it never opens. I end up squashed on the ground. I hate those short falls because there is a short delay before you can pull out your shute.

    I don't care for the Punish system. All too often I'll be taking off and some idiot runs in front of me, I get punished. Or you'll call artillery and they all run into it.. Or they run over your mine, or run to wherever you just threw that frag.

    I'll be flying a jet and drop some bombs on a couple tanks and there will be a someone running around and gets killed by my bombs.. I don't see them, but it was an accident and you realize that I was dropping my bombs on a bunch of armor.
    Yet they punish.. Intentional killing or someone who just sucks and keeps killing teammates, yeah, kick them. I don't care for it cause I find myself getting kicked often when I'm flying, I drop bombs and I'll have some idiots in a jeep running right into my area..

    A few times I've found people who will stop their armor and I'll drop my bombs, they come in for clean up. It works good.

    I wish more people used teamspeak.

    I wish people talked less.

    I don't like the people who are commanders with heavy accents in english do no one can understand them. - Sorry you Australians and Britons.. but come on, half the time I can't even understand what word you're trying to pronouce. I've met plenty who I can understand, but some just sound like they're from a different world.
  32. Thanks for the tips, I sure need some. I’ll have to be the passenger in single mode and see why I can’t fire the machine gun, assuming there is more then one weapon to use.

    I was playing as the Anti-Tank, but notice I couldn’t kill as fast, so I started switching guns. I think I was support at one time and did have trouble shooting on the ground. That’s when the guy ran up, did a flip or something and stab my a$$. I was wondering if it was leg or if they had an unlocked gun, which I though was frown on, because I was always getting the short end of the stick, even if I started shooting first. Almost like my gun had no affect and theirs had twice the affect on me.

    I actually help protect a flag for a change and was careful I didn’t shot anybody, but out of now where after the enemies where all killed a team mate accidentally killed me when I was hiding on the ground. Think he got me with a grenade. I thing came up asking if I forgave him and to press the up/down button. This sounds like what you’re talking about, with the punish system. I forgave a couple people during that game, I figure it was an accident. I think your right and that should be changed, because I accidentally killed a team mate. I was taking out a tank and my team mate ran up to the tank just as I let her rip. It was clearly an accident.

    All in all I think the game is pretty neat and there seems to be a lot to learn and I’m just getting started. Guess in the meantime I’ll just keep getting my a$$ whipped. I’m just glad I can keep joining the server with very few kills. :lol:
  33. You have to shoot in bursts.. sit up against a wall and unload fully auto just to see the spray pattern.. you'll learn how long to tap the trigger.. shoot, move, shoot move.. if you do quick taps, you can get a single shot off accurately while moving..

    I have my yaw set to 8 on the helicopter so it handles better.. I might change it a little, down to 7 so I have more control.

    I only have 1 gun unlocked which is the spec ops weapon.

    You have to realize certain characters have body armor. Snipers and Special Ops don't have any body armor, so they die really quick. Support has a lot of armor, so you have to be careful where you shoot them.

    Snipers can still get the 1 shot 1 kill, but most of the time 2 shots kills except support can need up to 3 shots to kill.. you just need to hit them in the head. Aim for the neck area and you'll get quick kills.

    Learn to use your grenades too.. make them all blurry eyed and you'll have a better chance to flank and setup shooting before they can really tell what's going on.
  34. Thanks, I’ll try those suggestions.

    I figured out how to use the machine gun in the helicopter, you just have to hold the button for a few seconds.
  35. lol, yeah that gattling gun huh. First time in a helicopter, I had a couple jets fly right by before it started firing for me. Have to press it way early.

    I can't seem to figure out how to parachute. Do you have to hit a roll key on landing? Seems I always die wether going from a plane or a building.

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  36. Yeah, there's a delay where you push the button, but the gun doesn't do anything at first. After a second, it will start to spin, but not fire. Then, it finally starts firing. You just have to hold it down, and do that early.

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  37. Even better is tv mode right click and the tv mode and the ihads display will show all targats rockets never miss and the rockets are heat sinking the will follow the targats you need to lock on the targat at the beep and fire the hole dudes

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  38. for parachute I've moved the button closer. (like T orH) Then you usually have to hit it a few times for it to work. Not sure if that's just program gliche or that proximity to the plane/copter won't let it open 'till you're far enough away. I just panic hit it 4 or 5 times or till I hear it open.

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  39. Thx, I only tried it once tonight and actually landed unharmed. :smile:

    I am liking that I have it up and running 1280x1024 now. I can't stand when they leave that res out in the in game options.

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  40. I just keep the gattling gun spinning.. It's close to a 1 second delay, so if you keep that gun spinning while you're waiting for a target, you'll be able to light them up faster.

    As far as rockets in the helicopter.. I'll have to figure out some more on those rockets. The gunner I'm awesome, but I like flying instead.
  41. nice bench dude.

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  42. Thank you sooooooo much for finding that out. I don't know how you got a straight answer out of EA, when all I got was stupidity.

    But yeah, thanks for relaying the solution to the problem.
  43. Quote:
    I don't know how you got a straight answer out of EA, when all I got was stupidity.

    I didn't get anything from EA, no help at all. I actually got the answer from the Punkbuster support people, and very quickly and painlessly too.

    <font color=green> I doubt, therefore I might be. </font color=green>
  44. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    when the team loses blame it on the noob's I was shot for a plane now my goal it to hunt them down
  45. There have been a few times when I've shot people running up to a jet..

    like when they keep crashing 30 seconds after taking off.. or I'm standing there and they're trying to steal my plane.. I shoot them. I'm mean and I'm a bully.

    But when I get in a jet at the very beginning of the game, I might crash once.

    I played the other day.. and I can't remember how long its been since someone shot me down.. this guy shot me up 4 times in one game.. I couldn't believe it.. it was all machine gunning because I was dodging his missiles.. but I've never seen someone actually be smart (like I claim to be in the game)

    When I'm on someone, I switch to my bombs, so they don't see a missile lock, and I'll shoot them up with my machine gun.. because it's hard to tell when you're getting shot up, aside from white streaks flying by you and your jet's armor wearing out quick.

    most of the time, people will fly in straight patterns and within 1 second you can take them out before they can do anything.

    Well this guy.. I couldn't shake him no matter what I did.. towards the end, we were criss-crossign in the sky trying to lock on each other and we collided.. I got the kill, he didn't.. then he left the game.

    I want to say it was almost like he was cheating because of how easily he was able to turn.. I'd be flying behind him, he'd do a small turn and I'm cutting with him, all of a sudden he's flying straight at me and I'm trying to figure out how the hell he did that.

    so yeah I shoot people in the back if they try stealing my plane.. that's what I was getting at. :)
  46. I never TK on purpose unless I'm preventing a TK against myself when the guy's relentlessly pursuing me or something. If they steal the plane, I'll just take another vehicle.

    But on the subject of planes, I haven't lost a dogfight in several weeks, and I'm not actually all that good... Where did all the good pilots go!?!
  47. I don't try to TK on purpose.. but occasionally someone is just being an idiot and it's in the better interest of everyone that I shoot them to get them away from me. :)

    I noticed a lot of pilots suck.. but I want to say that originally you couldn't use a joystick or something.. so I notice a lot of people fly with the mouse.

    This guy.. DuckAvenger was his name I think.. he just kept shooting me down.. No matter how sharp of turns and dives I did, he was able to always turn sharper.. I'd get behind him and then he'd get behind on a simple turn.. He was the first guy to shoot me down with the cannon and not ground or missiles.. and I've been shot down less than 10 times, mostly in the beginning on learning how to fly.

    This guy was just making turns that the f15? wouldn't even handle.. When I see someone start to bank, I'll cut my bank ahead of them so I can stick with them.. this guy would bank and come straight at me.. No way in hell could anyone do that without cheating.

    If you're in missle lock flying straight, you make a bank, I bank with you, no way should you be able to fly straight on me.. that's what this guy was doing. No clue.. I'm going to check into BF2 hacks now though, just so I know what's out there to compete against.
  48. I've got a question. When does BF2 give you credit for global points? As each game ends?

    I always check when I exit the game after many rounds. Tonight, I played 1 round before dinner. Scored 21 points, 8 kills, 4 deaths, 6th of 16 on my team, we lost. Not bad score for me. Anyway, when it started to load the new map, I escaped as it was soon time for dinner. Yet I still have the same # of global points as I did before that game.

    Edit: is was a ranked game (official EA US 32 player)

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