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Hello. I am having this really weird problem with installing windows 98 that maybe someone out there can understand better than me. I first installed win98 a long time ago on this machine, and then windows2000, and I just used the dual boot menu that the win2K installation set up. That part works fine. Just recently, my installation of win98 began locking up when I start the operating system, right when it was loading everything on the desktop. My problem is that now when I use a system boot floppy or boot of the win98 CDROM to try and reinstall windows 98, the setup program says that it cannot install becasue I have an NTFS driver of an HPFS drive; I don't have either of those drive types, only FAT32 drives. My installation of Win2K is on a FAT32 drive, and it starts up fine, that is what I am using now.
The computer is not overclocked or anything. Anyone got any suggestions? My plan was to get the win98 setup program working from a command prompt so i could do a deltree windows and just start a new installation from nothing.

Andrew Pullin
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  1. Have you tried to repair your Win 98?
    Boot into Safe Mode by holding the CTRL key to menu appears, and choose Safe Mode at startup. If that is successful do Start-Run and write MSConfig. Choose Selective Startup. Clear all options except Load Startup group Items. Reboot.
    If now Windows start successfully, you must go into MSconfig again and check one option at a time and restart till you find the program that is causing your startup problem.

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  2. Do you have 2 partitions? One for Win98 and one for Win2k or your 2 OS'es are on the same? If there is 2 partitions, is your Win98 one is activated?

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  3. My configuration is a little weird. I have 3 hard disks, 2 SCSI and 1 IDE. Windows 98 is installed on one of my SCSI drives, and win2K is installed on a partition of my IDE drive. Win98 was installed first, then I installed windows 2K which automatically set up a doot-boot system where I get to choose to go into Win98 or Win2K when I startup. I'm not sure what you mean by "activated".
  4. A partition must be activated using a partition software such as fdisk or Syquest Partition Magic in order to be able to boot from this partition.

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