Onboard LAN can't connect to internet

gud day guys! i was using XP professional and my internet connection(through onboard ethernet LAN) was fine. When i switched to Windows 7 my onboard LAN won't work and i can't connect to the net. I entered correctly my static IP address and i can't get any connection. What's really the problem with this? Please help. Thank you. :( :(
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  1. Have you received updates from MS? did you activate it online?
    If you can say yes, to either one or both of the above, your LAN is working, contact your ISP for any changes required for W7 internet settings.
  2. check Firewall settings -
  3. It might not be your Windows 7. It might be your router/switch. By now most of you may of done so many changes to your Windows 7 computer, you may think about reinstalling. But before you do, check your router/network equipment and make sure the firewall/intrusion detection, etc is not blocking your computer's IP address. You should either insert an exception or disable whatever it is that is blocking it. You might want to focus on UDP SNMP traffic.
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