Arctic Cooling 64 Pro CPU cooler Very Silent?

I have believed that all arctic cooling focuses mainly on quiet performance
and I have been looking for a quiet cpu fan for quite some time to replace the stock heat sink i have on my 4200+
some questions i have are if this cpu hsf lowers temps by a substintial amout compared to the stock head sink (10C?)
and if the fan is really silent nad not very noticable
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  1. I haven't used the Arctic Cooling 64 but I have seen in the reviews that it does a fair bit better than the non heat pipe AMD cooler and not much better than the quad heatpipe version.

    If you want something really quiet that will drastically lower your temps, get a Zalman 9500. The thing is damn near silent at full bore. On top of that you can slow it way down and it will still way outpreform the stock coolers (even the heatpipe version).

    At less than 50% power (and way less than 50% noise) it has my proc running almost 15 degrees cooler than the stock HSF that came with my Opty 165 (the version with the heat pipes).
  2. the 64 pro is a really good heatsink, it drop about 10 degrees for my set up: 130nm newcastle 64 3400+, but it is not silent, I have to drop below 1600rpm to make it as quiet as rest computer, the load temp increase about 5 degrees compare to 2200 rpm.
  3. Quote:
    If you want something really quiet that will drastically lower your temps, get a Zalman 9500. The thing is damn near silent at full bore.

    Don't get me wrong - I like the 9500 and as proof, all three of the rigs I've built this year are using them. But I can easily hear it when it jumps up to full speed, even in a box that has threex12cm plus 2x9cm case fans plus two fans in the PS and an 1800XT with the stock cooler! I don't at all think of it as a loud CPU HSF, but it is not silent by any means. As an HSF in terms of cooling performance, it is in the upper tier. On sale at newegg today, BTW...
  4. Its a good poduct, saves u money and the performance is great
  5. In the UK I've seen the freezer pro on sale at £13 which is a great price. It outperforms the Zalman (cooling and noise) at a fraction of the cost heatsink review. If low noise is a priority, the Scythe Mine looks like a better choice than the freezer (and just about everything else).
  6. I agree, I have one and it works spiffy. I put 3 coolermaster stealth case fans in my system. I only hear it at boot up and if I'm taxing my videocard. Go for it, even if you hate it, it's cheap.
  7. I love my Arctic Cooler Freezer 64 Pro. It will drop your CPU temperature to with a degree or so of the much over-rated Zalman 9500, unlike the 9500 it fits on the standard 939 mount without any ridiculous farting around with backplates and what have you, and where I am it's less than half the price of the 9500. If you're obsessive about cpu cooling you can get better but you'll be paying a hefty premium. For cooling bang for buck the Freezer 64 Pro cannot be beaten.
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