Request for opinions about Intel D945GNT motherboard


I am planning to buy intel 805.
I am not going to overclock it.

I am looking for a good motherboard for this chip.

1. Has anybody used intel D945GNT motheboard?
2. Any performance issues with this motherboard?
3. Any heating issues with this motherboard?
4. Can you please suggest a good motherboard which will run the 805 at a good speed.
5. I heard that ASUS P5LD2 (945 G ) has very poor memory reading performance.
6. I also heard that the 945G based motherboards can't address the full 4GB memory. Is it true?

Please suggest a good motherboard.
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  1. hello,

    Can somebody please answer my query.
    I want to buy the system tomorrow and still undecided about the mob.

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