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plz help heat issues on my xfx 6600 gt

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May 18, 2006 3:26:31 PM


i dunno y but my card although not lagging and performing extremely well as it should its going to insanely high temperatures. i mean whenever i alt tab from a game and check the temperature its like way up there.

after alt tabbing and comeing to the desktop the temp falls very rapidly but i did manage to notice a max temp of 91c on the gpu core after alt tabbing from nfs most wanted.

my card is an xfx gforce 6600 gt 128 mb version. i live in india and un
fortunatly cant find any water cooling kits. howver im planning to change my stock case to an antec super lanboy and shift to a new antec smart v 2.0 psu (gives more output on the 12v rail) and also going to buy an ANTEC VCOOL vga cooler. plz do let me know if this is any good.

Also plz let me know if 6600 gts have a known heat issue or its just me. oh yea mine is a pci ex version

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May 18, 2006 4:00:42 PM

I have the same graphics card - and for AGP - it' pretty nice. It does run hot - in the 80's under load.

I would suggest you clean out any dust from all fans (And power supply), make sure you are getting good air flow around the graphics card - (I.E. don't crowd it), and see if your situation improves.

It may be that the new case will provide a good supply of fresh air - and will solve your issues. If not, you might want to consider an aftermarket HS/Fan for the card.

Something that might relieve your anxioty is that graphics cards are made to handle the heat in most cases - if you have no lag, it's handling the heat. Also, many temperature probes are inacurate - it's the nature of the reletive beast. So many people get caught up with what their periferals and CPU's are saying for heat, when they never verify it with another temp probe.

Good luck - and keep cool.
May 18, 2006 4:16:34 PM

Your card is going to run hotter if the ambient temperature is hotter so I would if you can place it in a cooler spot. Also check your case airflow, not just incoming air but also make sure your exausting the air too. I myself have 2 evga 6600gts in an sli setup. To make sure that they were cool when I started overclocking them I got this heatsink from artic cooling.

It works much better than the stock cooler and wasnt that much considering how well it works.

Good Luck
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May 18, 2006 4:33:55 PM

thanx gegitech. i think ill buy the arctic cooler. anyway i logged my temperature gpu core while playing nfs most wanted on 1024*768 and everythning else cranked up to the max possible. im getting great frame rates no lag whatsoever. however the temperatures reached a max of 90 c on the core. let me emphasise that there was no lag at any stage of gameplay smooth good frame rates all the time. now this would indicate that my gpu is handling the temperature but after 10-15 mins or sm times even earlier my display just shuts down. could this be a psu problem coz the temp remains in the range of 85-90 and thr is no crippling in performance. my psu is a mercury 400w and it givs 17A output on the 12V rail.
May 18, 2006 4:52:13 PM

does it have too much dust on it's heatsink and fan? try cleaning it up
May 18, 2006 5:00:14 PM

If you can change stock cooler with a Zalman or Artic cooler VGA solution ...good for you ! If these cooling solutions are not available, you can do 2 things to help. 1- Remove the stockcooler, them clean the GPU and memories (if they do have any contact tape or thermal paste with stock cooler, them get one good thermal paste like coolermaster, nano fusion or silver artic and apply on GPU and memories (if nexessary) them reinstall the stock cooler. This would improve your heat dissipation as usually stock cooler thermal tapes or paste are poor and cannot handle higher temperatures. 2- Check in your case if air flow is correct as usually VGA are have poor air circulation, so assessory fan will also help to remove hot air in the area (or case itself) improving your cooling efficiency...