Looking for a good, plain, beige computer case

I am looking for a very plain (preferably beige-colored) computer case that supports the ATX motherboards and is of the mid-tower variety. I don't need a lot of 5.25" and 3.5" bays (two to three of the former, and one to two of the latter will suffice). Up to four hard drive bays would be good, but two would be alright. As well, nice air circulation will be great. Finally, it should be sturdy and putting things inside it should be a pleasure (as opposed to a pain). Initially I presumed that finding such a thing would a piece of cake; instead, all I see is these bizzare, purple-and-green, UFO-style enclosures, or ones that are otherwise plain but as an apparent afterthought have either fins or wings.

Now I don't really mind paying too much for a case (although $500-1000 would be a little extreme). The best things I have encountered thus far have been the Antec Performance One P150 (which unfortunately comes with a power supply I don't want) and the Lian Li Classic PC-6x/7x/plus series of cases. However, even these aren't really what I am looking for--just the closest thing to what I had in mind. So basically, I am wondering if anyone here knows about any cases like the one I had in mind which I could get.

I really don't need a window and neon lights and a custom paint jobs for my computer case.
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  1. Maybe this would do....


    ...great cooling potential, classic appearance, heavy duty. Sell the PS or keep for a back up.
  2. I wholehartedly agree, I prefer the plain-jane sleeper cases w/o all the lights.

    Newegg currently has a killer deal:
    COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UB Black /Blue Aluminum/Steel $45 shipped

    Also have a look at the Antec, Chenming, Enlight, Evercase, Inwin, Istar, and Spire brands they all have decent plain-jane cases. The Spire Bluefin I am looking at for a cheap server build...

    Edit: I meant Spire Swordfin for the server build, not bluefin (yuck)!!!
  3. You could take a look at this one as well. Enermax
  4. Here's a list of some more plain Jane beige PC cases, but these have powersupplys that you can simply toss out. Serveral of them are out of stock though.
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