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Hi all
I recently got an error message : "unmountable boot volumn" and the note book just dead, any idea how to fix it?
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  1. startup with the xp disc and goto the repair console fix the mbr.
    Run a google on it and youll find more detailed instructions.
  2. May I suggest heavy drinking? It won't solve your problems, but it makes them less painful for a little while. Celebrate the fact that you have been very diligent about making backups.

    This sounds like your master boot table, or similar construct decided to go bye-bye. It may be the result of a particularly nasty virus or worm - but that is only speculation.

    Try to get a bootable CD loaded with some disk utilities that you can use to check out the HDD. I don't know which utilities, but you might be able to finds some good tools at majorgeek.com. It may be best to get a local geek friend to help you out on this.

    I would be surprised if you were able to recover the drive with the data in-tact. Be warned that you may have just lost everything and will need to reinstall the OS and all of your applications.

    If all else fails - try 1/2 pint of Harp and 1/2 pint of Guiness - lather - rince - repeat.

    Good luck - I think you might need it.
  3. The UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error code indicates either what the other 2 previous posters said, or that your drive is dead, or is very close to dying.

    Try what the previous posters suggested first, but if it doesn't work... you're pretty much screwed.
  4. 1 option u can choose: reformat the hard disk and reinstall windows xp, if the hard disk is dead, buy another one.
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