DLT storage drive help!!!

hi guys,

I am currently getting new tape drives for my servers and I am looking at a external DLT VS160 SCSI tape drive. I'm don't know how you could connect this one to a server.

By the way, I have a dell poweredge 1600SC. What type of cable will I use to connect the tape drive to the machine? thanks for your help!
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  1. Hey,

    My accounting department uses that tape drive to back up Peach Tree data for virtual apps. It uses a 68pin 1.83m SCSI Cable that came with the drive (retail). 160 means that its scsi160 interface so all you need is an external channel on a card attatched to the the server. There is also a 320 80 pin version too.
  2. thanks. SCSI adapters are backwards compatible right?

    I just checked with the manufaturer and I found out that the PCI SCSI adapter I have is Ultra320 SCSI. A Ultra160 SCSI device should still work while connected on the Ultra320 adapter, right?
  3. As long as you it has a 60 pin interface you should be fine.
  4. I think I have a 68 pin VHDCI-M SCSI adapter. will it be good for the LVD / ultra 160 scsi? thanks for you help man.
  5. Im sorry i said 60pin, I ment 68, you should be good as gold.
  6. Im sorry i said 60pin, I ment 68, you should be good as gold.
  7. alright! thanks buddy.

    You seem to know a lot about SCSI drives. Care to share some info or URLs? thanks
  8. Well, only learned about them becuase when I was in college my uncle would send me decommissoned 3u servers with all types of scsi interfaces with them. I dont know if i can give you any useful info that google couldnt, lol. There is an older book called 'Making SCSI Work' that I read last year. Its a little dated, but it connected many dots for me. And I'm not going to lie ive been here once too: HowStuffWorks .

    Good luck
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