Which zalman heatsink for "Pentium D 805"??

So on newegg there are two Zalman heatsinks that fit the socket LGA775.

Which one will keep the CPU cooler?

1. Zalman CNPS9500

2. Zalman CNPS7700-CU

p.s. I just noticed that the #1 zalman will be hanging off the processor... and it looks really heavy. Will that snap when you attach it??
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  1. the first HS won't snap anything... it will put a lot of stress on the board... just don't tighten the mounting screws too much... i noticed someone said that the more you tighten the screws.... the more it looks like the board is bending.
  2. Here is what SilentPcReview
    said about the 9500:
    Weighs 530g, just 80g over the max recommended 450g specified by Intel and AMD. Low weight is especially important because the tower design means the cantilever force on the motherboard will be quite high.

    The silentpcreview is realllllyyyy in depth. It basically shows that the 9500 is better than the 7000series. Better in airflow. Better in heat dissapation.

    But it notes that it is heavier than the heatsink spec given by intel. Also since it stands out from the motherboard so much. That weight will cause an undesirable torque on the board.

    But I suspect zalman has realized this and tested it to make sure there isnt a problem.
  3. i would assume so... otherwise they probably wouldn't still be selling it.

    edit: hmm... i should think about grabbing one of these... my old Coolermaster Hyper 6 sink for my socket 478 P4 3.0 weighed 930g....
  4. Based on preference, you will find everyone has there own opinion ........ and that's not bad, it just complicates matters sometimes!

    I use the zalman 9500AT with my Pentium D processor. I had absolutely no problems installing the unit and I am not sure what was meant by another poster's comment that it may warp or bend the MOBO. I did not find this to be the case and it fit perfectly.

    I favor the 9500AT because the way it is positioned it naturally pushes air out the rear of the case. In my opinion, this should help a little with cooling as compared to the other Zalman unit. Click on the following link to see a photo of my installed 9500. This should give you an idea of its size, positioning, etc.

    9500AT installed
  5. Definitely the CNPS9500! :)
  6. Quote:
    Performance wise the 7700Cu has the advantage.

    1. you state that the 7700 is better performance, but the review from silentpc said that the 9500 is better. At least this quote shows that the 9500 has more surface area --> therefore better. I do not know if that is true in real life because thermodynamics are never that simple.

    Though if more surface area is better... than the 9500 is better. Can anyone give a link that shows the actual numbers??? (overclockers.com does not have a review of the 9500. only the 7xxx series.)

    Zalman HS: Zalman cites 3,698 cm2 for the 9500. The 7000 series heatsinks come in at 3,170 cm2, and the 7700 is 3,268 cm2.
  7. Quote:

    In fact, both HSF are very poor options. One is too heavy while the other is overpriced.
    Go with Thermalright SI-120 instead. Lighter, better, cheaper more compatible than those Zalmans

    In the original article they use the 9500 and they are stable at 3.6 to 3.8Ghz. If you used the thermalright correctly do you think it would go much higher???

    They had to use water cooling to get any higher than 3.8Ghz... So I guess if you used the thermalright you would have a more stable/cooler processor.
  8. yep definately you were right. Zalman is more in the middle range of heatsinks. The thermalright SI-120 is the best heatsink that is NOT a huge tower (see rant below).

    Madshrimps.be has the best info on heatsinks that i've seen. Better than Overclockers.com even!

    Madshrimps roundup of 2006 heatsinks

    Rant about huge tower heatsinks:
    It is important to note that the best heatinks are HUGE HEAVY tower models :roll: :roll: :roll: . Which in my opinion are ridiculous and over the top. Not to mention they weigh like a pound or two. And they have dimensions of approximately:
    width 12cm
    length 7cm
    height 14cm
  9. Quote:
    Which one will keep the CPU cooler?

    I think I'd be looking at Scythe - Ninja or Mine - over Zalman.
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