SATA - Backwards compatible?

I have an ASUS P4P800 mobo that claims to have an SATA controller w/ 150MB/s bandwidth. I've got a regular ol' ATA drive right now, but I want to add a 2nd drive, preferably SATA. Are the newer 1.5GB/s and 3.0GB/s drives backwards-compatible with my SATA controller?

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  1. Yes, it should be fine!



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  2. yeah, sata 1.5 is compatible with sata 3...

    its the same as usb 1.1 and usb 2!
  3. yes, SATAII drives are backwards compatible with the first-gen SATA controllers. All you need to do is move the jumper to the specified location on the jumper block for your SATAII drive. Just like the good old days of IDE.. the jumper configurations are on the hard drive itself.
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