Does Lian-Li produce the Apple G5 Case?

I was at the apple store browsing around. The G5 desktop uses a case that is made in a very similar style to the Lian-Li V series. Out of curiousity, does anyone know if Apple's and Lian-Li cases are made by the same manufacturer?

Apple G5

Lian Li V1000
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  1. They should be different companies

    if you ever look at antec sonata 2 case and like a normal black case... they pretty much look the same too..
  2. Dont think so......

    They look the same but the inside is totally different
  3. For purposes of aesthetics the cases are materially identical.

    Apple's has a little more polish, and thicker gauge aluminum.

    I have the Lian-Li you mentioned. It’s great.
  4. Yes that is a great Lian Li case. I have the PC-60plus and it is excellent too.
  5. I realized I did not give your question a direct answer.

    Its possible Lian-Li manufactures the case for Apple.

    Apple does not own factories, almost everything they make is outsourced, exclusive of the engineering.

    CPUS by Intel, motherboards by Asus, cases by...?

    How many companies out there can MAKE high-end aluminum cases Not too many. Expensive capital equipment must be purchased to take aluminum sheet and process it. I give it a 75% chance that they roll out of Lian-Li's factory.

    Here is a link to photo's of Lian-Li's factories:

    From Lian Li's Website, "Except for the above professional machinery, we create the necessary tools for our components in our own die room to speed up production time and lower the production cost for our clients.
    What else could we need? "

    I don't believe "clients" is referring to Newegg.
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