What sort of experiences have you had buying open box cards?

Im just curious what sort of experience people have had buying Open Box cards from vendors such as Newegg have had?

I bought an Asus EAX1900XT for $389.99, but it was open box?

DO you think it was worth the risk?

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  1. It should be ok, idk whats up wit newegg since they switched from "refurbished" to "open box". When i bought mine they were "refurb" and i haven't had any problems with them at all. The one thing you have to be careful with is that Newegg only covers "open/refurb" items for 15 days
  2. I buy open box stuff all the time from Newegg. The thing to pay attention to is how much less the open box is from the retail price. If it's really cheaper then count on no accesories or cd's. If it's just a little cheaper, like say 10 or 20 bucks cheaper then you can count on getting most all the other stuff with it. A good example is I bought a $190 Asus A8N-32 SLI deluxe for just $125 bucks open box but all I got was the mobo. That's it. I got my little Opty 165 from there for 300 bucks and all that was wrong was the box was slightly crushed but otherwise mint. All in all I've had an excellent experience with open box. No complaints at all. Screw Ebay!

    It kinda sucks now that they raised the shipping prices. They use to be a paltry $1.00 for anything open box now it's just your normal shipping rates mostly. Still some excellent deals. They update the open box section during the week usually between 11pm and 12am EST. All the good stuff goes quick. Good luck.

    p.s. They also now have a Volume Savings section...kinda weak though.
  3. I am still very taken with my deal two weeks ago from newegg. $122 + $1 shipping for an open box sapphire x800gto... and it came in a crisp retail box with all the goodies. It had been opened, but there was no signs of anything negative. And the card works great; flashed to open the 16 pipes and overclockes a little as well. Regular price is still around $170, + ~$5 shipping.
  4. Yeah, lots of teh open box is basically full retail that was returned to the company, checked over by their techs, then sent to newegg. They all work really well, i got 2 X1600XTs for 115 + 1 for shipping when the normal price is around 150. And when i got them, you would've thought i bought new retail instead of refurb, everything was in teh bxx
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