SoftMod of Nvidia 6200 to Nvidia 6600

Does anyone here know where i can get the software to softmod my Nvidia 6200 Graphics card to a 6600?

I have been searching but have been unable to find the software. Any help would be really appreciated.
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  1. Yeah, rivatuner is the shit.

    But if you have a turbocache card dont bother...

    Also most 6200 now seems to be 64-bit, which is crap...
  2. I bought my friend a 128MB 9800 Pro as a bday gift to replace his crappy 6200 256MB AGP card. He gave me the AGP one since he didn't need it anymore. You saying I can unlock a few pipes on it? Where might I be able to find info on how to do this?

    I don't plan to use it for anything insane, just maybe in a HTPC. But always nice to have more pipelines.
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