Overclock Pentium d 805 with ddr1 ram only

I'm thinking of getting the pntium 805 but don't have enough money to buy ddr2 ram, at the moment I've got 2 1gb sticks of this memory - sair TWINX2048-3200 DDR-DIMM 2048MB and I am wondering how much of an overclock could I get using this ram as its pc3200.
I really don't want to fork out for more ram at the moment so just a rough ballpark figure of what I would need to do to get the most out of the ram as I am a complete newbie at overclocking.
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  1. Quote:
    Except there are no DDR1 LGA775 mobo that supports Smitherfield(either at BIOS or power level).


    Asus P5P800 SE supports the Smithfield chips just fine....
  2. Cool-

    But is it worth my while using my pc3200 ram with this processor, what would I be likely to achieve performance wise if I get a good air cooling setup?
  3. Yeah, but it's AGP.
  4. Quote:
    Yeah, but it's AGP.

    Because AFAIK, there are no boards which support PCI-E and DDR1....
  5. Quote:
    Yeah, but it's AGP.

    7800GS isnt that shabby
  6. Quote:
    7800GS isnt that shabby

    No... it's not bad at all..... now more importantly.... can you send me yours? :D
  7. Very limited OC'ing if at all.

    P5P800 SE is the best choice.
  8. Quote:
    Because AFAIK, there are no boards which support PCI-E and DDR1....

    Some of the mobo's with the Intel 915 chipset support PCI-E and DDR1 &/or 2.

    7800GS isnt that shabby

    No it's not ATM.
    PCI-E cards are cheaper than AGP, and will be more available for the future with better and faster features.
  9. Quote:
    Some of the mobo's with the Intel 915 chipset support PCI-E and DDR1 &/or 2.

    Hmm... so they do.... the 915GV and 915PL....
  10. But without some trickery, the 915/925 series don't support dual core. AFAIK only the ATI X200 chipset can do dual core and DDR1 and PCIe, hence my previous suggetion of the Intel D101 motherboard.
  11. Asrock 775TWINS-HDTV

    Or other ati board could support Dual Core with DDR1
  12. Did you not read my reply to you regarding the Intel D101 board?

    This person wants to OC and the d101 will NOT! Intel boards are not going to let you OC very much if at all. It is true for ALL Intel boards regardless of what the board is compatible with.

    This board is on special right now for only $100. and WILL handle all you OC needs with a lot of features for the $$. I highly recommend, you won't be disappointed.
  13. Yeah, I did, but the reply was infact to The Prophecy about 915 chipsets - damned linear thread layout :)

    Oh, and some Intel motherboards do overclock well. I have a Bad Axe that gets my Pentium D 820 to 3.9GHz on air (Gigabyte G-Power). And I'll probably be getting another as soon as Conroe is out - If only I'd known about the -304 revision earlier.....
  14. Ok, lets get this strait. Are you talking about an Intel chipset motherboard or an Intel Brand motherboard? If your talking about the Intel branded motherboards, please provide me a link so I can see this for myself. If you are talking about motherboards form various manufacturer's like Asus,Abit, Gigabyte, etc with Intel chipsets, then , it's a well known fact that those boards from those manufaturer's OC very well. As far as I've always known, Intel brand mobo's are not very OC'able.
  15. http://developer.intel.com/design/motherbd/bx/bx_available.htm

    I've got the BLKR975~ version. It does overclock, but if the settings don't work out you've got to reset the BIOS settings with a two stage reset/power up process - not OC friendly at all.

    A small correction, my Intel motherboard currently has a D940, the D820 is on a Gigabyte 945G based motherboard I use for rendering, I checked last night. The D820 only got about 3.7GHz with a Vcore of about 1.5V.

    I'd agree on other Intel motherboards, well the few I've used.


    I just saw the "Grand County" at the suppliers and the price looked good (about USD100) so I was just suggesting the OP look at it since it was the only Pentium 4 D motherboard I'd seen that supports DDR1 - I've stayed away from VIA/SIS as they've seldom performed well as a NLE station (video editing where HDD performance is key), not that anything with an ATI south bridge would be much better.
  16. *** u and ur upgradation......
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