Is My Super Multi (Lg) dvd and cd writer dying on me?

Over the past ive made lodz of dvds! i download and burn them onto disk using nero 7. Now when i try and copy a dvd disk it says internal error when i press copy. Aswell as this when i make a dvd video on nero, after transcoding it all, it will make a very strange loud noise when its burning. This burning is constant and seems like its doing damage to the computer :( I don't think its the fans im sure its the drive it self. Any solutions please email me on
Iv'e made over 50 dvds and its allways been fine. I think ive done it to many times and its dying on me. Should i be burning all the time? does it cause problems burning dvds all the time? i want to learn any information will be most appreciated i know quite a bit about computers but theres still alot for me to learn! regards rhys.
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  1. I think I have the same drive... Is the LG GSA-4167B?
    Mine is working flawlessly, and I've burned a lot more than 50 dvds...
  2. If the drive is making a strange loud noise that wa not there before, then your drive is probably dying. I have noticed that optical drives are randomly reliable, sometimes one will work for a long time with no problems, and sometimes they just randomly stop working appropriately. I haven't really notice one brand is better that an another.
  3. i bought a new drive exactly the same as my old one and the sounds still keep happening. Its a continuous sound everytime i try and copy a dvd film or make a dvd film on nero 7. I have also tried making dvds on alcahol 120% and other free and other trial versions on the net the sound still happens. Could it be the type of disks im using? theyre are bulkpaq 8x speed dvd-r 4.7gb/120 minutes. I have copied to dvds with these disks worked fine and when i tried copying the third disk it made this loud noise. Everytime i try and make dvds now the sound allways happens. The drive i have is a LG GSA-4165b Triple Format Super-Multi Drive. Im sure. The model i just give you is off my old drive but theyre like the same. I don't know what to do! i bought a new driver and that was a waste of money becuase that don't seem to be the problem. please help
  4. Try updateing your firmware :) sometimes the companies that make the blank disks will change the dyes and your drive doesnt know exactly how to handle them anyway the firmware updates your drive :)

    here is a good page with all the latest firmware for any drive made :)

    Edit: wow they had a new firmware for my LG GSA-4163b this thread was usefull even to me :)
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