IBM X346 3Ghz XEON 2MB Cache-Is CPU active or passive?

I have just bought an IBM X346 server with a single 3Ghz XEON with 2MB Cache. I would like to buy a 2nd processor, but not through IBM as they charge £560!! I started looking on and found there are two different types of Intel Xeon 3Ghz XEON 2MB Cache processors - active and passive. Both cost £150, which is much better than IBM, but I have no idea what "Active" or "passive" cache means. Can someone explain the difference and tell me the processor I should buy to match my current processor. I have searched the IBM site and there is no mention of whether the processor in the X346 is "active" or "passive".

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  1. Active means a fan used to cool it passive means to just use a heatsink. Call I.B.M. and ask them.
  2. "Active" and "Passive" indicate the type of cooling system that is packaged with the CPU, the "Active" cooling system will use an heatsink equiped with a fan while the "Passive" cooling system is just an heatsink that relies on the airflow inside the case.

    Keep in mind that either cooling system may or may not be compatible with your IBM server depending on whether or not they decided to use a proprietary design.
  3. Thats what i said but i forgot about the propreitery design damn good call.
  4. BTW, why the x346 over the x326 serie ? Opterons run cooler, are faster and use much less juice than their Xeon counterparts...
  5. Ya why did he go with the xeon anyway?
  6. Look at the current chip. Is there a fan sitting on top of the big copper heatsink? If there is, then you need the actively-cooled model (P/N ends in -FA.) If there is no fan on top of the heatsink but a big duct in front of the chip, you need a 2U passively-cooled chip (P/N ends in -FP.)

    I'd bet that it was a ducted-cooling model as the active heatsinks are used in the 4U and tower servers. But I'd still look.
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Feel a bit silly now... :oops: I have ordered the 2nd CPU with a passive heatsink and the VRM and will fit them as soon as they arrive.

    The reason I went for the X346 was I bought it on Ebay for an amazing price! The other server I have is a dual Opteron based machine which I built myself around a Tyan motherboard and 3ware SATA RAID card as I needed huge disk I do prefer Opterons usually!

    Thanks again for everyones' useful comments.
  8. Nah, no reason to feel silly. Now if you told all of us, yeah, I know exactly what I'm doing and we all said, "No, do this instead" and when it didn't work...THEN you should feel silly. It never hurts to ask.
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