Need help with BSOD prob when Overclocking

Athlon64 3700 San Diego core at 2440 1.4 volt
Corsair XMS 2048 pc4000pt at 220 2.6 volt 1T timings
Asus A8N-E Motherboard 520 watt power supply
Windows XP service pack 2
Powercolor Radeon x1900xt not overclocked

Now the problem I am having is I cant seem to get any higher than 2440 on my processor, even sometimes at 2440 I will be playing FEAR and get a BSOD something about bad memory dump but happens so fast I cant tell and when the comp restarts it will not boot back up I have to turn down the cpu core to 2340 to get back into windows. Please help, any suggestions?
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  1. Sounds like you should up the RAM voltage to the 2.7-2.75v area. By

    dropping the HTT speed, lowers the RAM speed, which should help it stabilize

    at lower voltage. Also, it says mem dump, which is a sign that mem crashed.

    That RAM is rated for 250MHz, but not at 2.6v. GL :)
  2. Thank you that seems to have helped, My first time really doing an overclock so now I will go for 2.6 ghz. I will post back with the results.
  3. Personly id kill the 1TCMD timming on that ram.....
    Its rated fast but the latencies aint that low on it a high rated speed doesnt nessisarily mean a low latency like 1T.
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