Can you please help me choose a case!!!

Hey guys Shark Here!!!
I'm kinda new at this whole building your computer thing!
Anywayz I'm building a computer in June so I wanna start looking for parts from now!!!
I wanna build a really good gaming computer that will last me some years.
My current PC IS A 600Mhz...Si I guess you see I really need to upgrade. :arrow:

I want a really kewl gaming case. :D
I'm kinda stuck on the Thermaltake Shark VA7000.

Any of you guys know of a case better than this?
I really need a big case with lights :idea: and side panel.
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  1. Coolest lights are the front ones on my Asus Vento 3600 case (read my review a few threads down), but if you buy one.....I will beat you. :D jk
  2. Go with this instead. Best Full tower case.

    Thermaltake Kandalf VA9000SWA

    You can do anything , I mean anything with this.(Upgrades)

    Best looking, awesome room and awesome quality.

    I bet you will dance when you get this. :D
  3. I have the Thermaltake Kandalf and it's the best case I've ever owned. It's huge, spacious and ligthweight aluminum. Plenty of room for mods and future upgrades. You'll never regret it. :)
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