Changing from ie 64 to ie 32

I've got Win 8 and IE8. Would like to swap beteen IE in 32 and 4 bit. Ideally, have both running at once! Is possible?
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  1. No, you don't have Win 8!
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    You mean Windows 7 running IE8 x32 and x64, then yes you can run them together on a x64 version of Windows 7, although IE8 x64 isn't worth it as a lot of plugins don't support it yet.
  3. Mein herr:

    Thanks for your reply, and for being able to see through my typo. I hadn't considered the possibility that the major developers might not yet be up to speed with the release of this long-awaited OS/browser combination.

    I wonder if this means the PC paradigm -- box, display, keyboard, mouse -- is rapidly being phased out by an . . . iPhone that Tweets when swiped?

    For your insight you would get a little gold cup, but I am unable to locate its icon. Anyway, it's the thought that counts.

    - das boot
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