Need advice for which CPU to go w/ for this certain build?

i'll try to make this short. this build is for a small business to store inventory and files and surf the net. what i mean is i'm building a system for my parents because they have tons of papers laying everywhere. drives me nuts when they need to pull out a file or invoice for a certain customer. so what kind of CPU should i use for this build. workstation? or desktop?. i was also looking forward to using the new Woodcrest or Conroe. i know storing files doesn't need a monster CPU, but of course pulling up multiple files and running multiple apps will benefit from dual core and speed. any advice will help alot. thanks alot.

P.S. I don't really get the whole Workstation vs Desktop?
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  1. Honestly... for the uses you've listed.... something like a pentium D 805, or a 920 would be just fine...
  2. thanks, thats true, but if my parents want a fast system, and the money is coming from the business, then why not juice it up? lol. also do u guys know of a good program that does this inventory and file storing kind of thing. u know, like ur local store who can pull up ur file and tell u exactly what u have bought in the past, and how much u have spent. and ur last home address and phone number. like my local circuit city or best buy or similar.
  3. Well, I'm gonna give you some advice that I wouldn't normally give anyone. Paperwork computers don't need much power at all. Even a program to sort out thousands of invoices, orders and such doesn't have to be a powerhouse. So here it goes.

    Get a Dell.

    Please don't flame me too hard. I'm a fragile, fragile man.
  4. the program you're looking for idk about.... someone else will probably come along with a suggestion though. If you want to juice it up a bit... you could always go for a pentium D 930... or double the ram.... but honestly... sdrawk is right.... computers being used for what you want for the business really don't need alot of power... I wouldn't lower myself to getting a Dell, but you really don't need high end parts.

    Edit: btw trace... I saw your second post on this topic on another part of the forum.... people don't like it when you double post.
  5. The only reason I said to get a Dell is because in my opinion Trance needs a very low-end system to handle his tasks. In my experience, low-end is the niche that you can actually save money by buying pre-built. Once you factor in the OS, monitor, printer and other peripherals involved in trying to build a basic PC yourself, it's almost impossible to beat the value of a Dell or eMachines comp.
  6. yeah, well this was just concerning the CPU, the other post is concerning all parts. so "Please don't flame me too hard. I'm a fragile, fragile man." (sdrawk) lol. thanks again though.
  7. true, true. well i'll look into that.
  8. He's right. A Dell would do just fine. I'm guessing you're looking to get rid of all this paperwork, so you need a PC that's guaranteed to work and one that you could take out a warrenty for.

    It does make sense.
  9. cool, u see i knew posting would help with my decision. thanks alot dudes.
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