Need help in overclocking opteron 165 on DFI Ultra D

I have an opteron 165
DFI Ultra-D Board
PQI 4000+Turbo memory
OCZ Powerstream 530psu.

I'm trying to OC this system however I'm at 2340ghz,HTT 260, Memory 195mhz. I can't seem to get past this. Could someone please try and help a poor guy out. All i did was install it all and start upping it bit by bit. However I have not played with any real voltages much. Do I need to adjust something on my PSU or voltages on my motherboard to allow me to get it up there? The guy before me had it stable at 290mhz HTT with his memory running at around 240mhz. I can't seem to match that. He was on a different board but I was told the DFI's were the best for this.
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  1. emmm, u try raising the CPU Voltage a bit ???
  2. I think this should help.

    Overclock Opteron 165

    The author Luminaris is also using a DFI board so it should be very similair to your situation.

    Good Luck!
  3. 2.34 is all the further I got on stock volts, and it wasnt completely stable either. You will need to up the voltage, depending on which stepping your opteron 165 is (CCBWE 0608, CCBBE 0610, CCB1E 0608 and so forth) you could be able to hit 2.8ghz on air under 1.5 vcore.

    From 2.34 ghz you will need to increase Vcore to go any further... vcore is 1.35 stock I think, try 1.4 and see where you go with that.

    Also manually enter all your memory timings in the genie bios (or atleast the 5 main ones) and if try setting it to 2T (disabled) command rate.
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