BIOS update dated 06/03/2005

I recently updated the Chaintech VFN4 BIOS from one dated 02/03/2005 to the latest 06/03/2005.

For some bizarre reason, the onboard MAC LAN (on- board ethernet) is disabled by default.

It took me many hours to discover why I had no internet connectivity after that upgrade.

Also, the first POST page flashes by so quickly as to be unreadable. That's the page with the EPA logo and cpu and memory timings.

I'm tempted to go back to my original BIOS. Also, their instruction for downloading and installing a BIOS leave something to be desired. Recent BIOS are all .bin files, whereas they tell you they are .exe files.

A little more quality control and beta testing is in order for Chaintech.

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  1. Quote:
    I updated the bios on my vnf4 ultra as well. It took me a little bit to figure it out. Did not realize I needed to reset the cmos after i updated it. I was near to pulling it out and using it to pattern my new shotgun it had me so mad! :lol: Overall though I am very happy with my board. It overclocked my 3000+ beautifully :D

    lol I may try that on an empty case side vent :) my 12 gauge would enjoy it !!! lol buck shot or bird shot ??? I also have these things called Pit Bulls but they might just shred the whole thing :)

    Edit: Im sorry went off topic :( Anyway I was going to say "be carefull with BIOS updates as sometimes they can kill your system" I usualy install them all too lol but tech's say only install a new BIOS if you are having an issue that is fixed in the new one.
  2. Well, I'm going to stick with the updated BIOS. There is no performance difference, and since I discovered and fixed the MAC LAN setting, I'm going to leave well enough alone.

    I was able to see the first POST page by disabling the quick memory test. It was showing a command rate of 1T before; now it shows 2T.

    This is a completely stock homebuilt machine, 1 GB value RAM and a 6600 video card, so I doubt a change in command rate makes any difference whatsoever.

    Repeat to myself: leave well enough alone.

    - Bob
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