Any strategy gamers around?

Are there any fans of turn-based strategy games around? I'm currently one of the top players at and am looking to drum up a bit of worthy competition. This is a hobby site, so there aren't a large number of players yet, but the game is quite fun. New players are given a chance to play in sandbox games to learn from the veterans before having to wade out into the shark-infested waters of the ladder games.

For those interested, the games are all hosted on the server so you don't have to have all the players of a game logged in at the same time. You'll get an email when it's your turn. It runs out of a Java applet, so you can play from just about any web browser around (I take my turns when I'm on break at work).

As far as "look and feel" go, it's very similar to the classic board games (but has a lot more depth).

Oh yeah, it's free too!
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  1. I used to play a game very similar to that back on the days of BBSs.. I was really good at the game..

    Eve-online is very close to what this game was, but it's all texted based. You got some many turns per day to play.

    That's my kind of game because everyone gets the same amount of time.. no unfair advantages. I might check it out and play over lunch or something.
  2. I'll check this out later...thanks.

    "Repetitive to the point of tedium"
  3. Are you referring to Global War by chance? I loved that game. Planetary Conquest is very similar as far as play style goes, but has multiple unit types and more than one map to play on. The battle outcomes are decided by a slightly more sophisticated method than the "3 dice vs. 2 dice" approach used in board games.
  4. nah..I'm talking the game where you had a space ship, you could go into trading, fighting pirates, or be an outlaw. You could take over planets and transport colonies of people across your planets, as each planet produced certain products.. then you could build starports and set up your own trading shops..

    the problem was it was hard because after a year of playing, you still might not have enough money to do it.. and you had to worry about other people taking your planets over..

    good game though.. very fun..
  5. Oh yeah, I remember that one although the name completely escapes me at the moment. The BBS I played it on didn't have a lot of people playing that particular game, so the Ferengi usually got out of control and wiped everyone out.
  6. I would always go out in BFE and take over a huge amount of planets.. but then you only had so many turns so you were slowed down.. there was a fine line of what you could do.. that's what I didn't like about it. once you got powerful, you ran out of turns.. took forever to maintain things.
  7. Well, if you feel like trying out Planetary Conquest, make a 2-3 player sandbox game and I'll join and give you a bit of a tutorial. The non-sandbox games are fairly cut-throat and new players tend to get destroyed within a couple of rounds. It's nice to get a chance to learn the ropes before you play a game that counts towards your win/loss record.
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