1st Build; Can't Power On -- How to tell if Power Supply OK?

I've just put together my new cheap PC for the kids and can't get the power to come on. I realize that I may not be supplying enough info for much assistance, and also realize that there are standard "unhook most of the stuff and start with a few basics" to weeding out the problem, but I don't have much time to dedicate to this and have a specific question:

When I attempt to power on the system, I can hear a slight faint "whine" -- like the one you hear in a disposable camera when you charge the flash. It's probably fainter than that, but I can definitely hear it. I briefly unhooked most of the hardware to see if I could power on the motherboard at all and no change (my husband babysat today so I could spend some time with this, and there is precious little time left to troubleshoot!).

Could someone please tell me if that whine I'm hearing is indicative of anything? I can't tell if it originates with a battery-powered function or if the fact that I'm hearing it when I hit the on/off switch (in the back) indicates that I do in fact have a working power supply. I'd hate to spend all day rewiring if in fact I need a new power supply...

Thanks for any advice you can provide. mcaren The build specs are as follows:

Antec Solution SLK1650B Black Steel ATX Mini Tower Computer Case 350W Power Supply
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 2000MHz HT Socket 939 Processor Model ADA3000BPBOX
CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Unbuffered Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model VS1GBKIT400
SAMSUNG Black 1.44MB 3.5" Internal Floppy Drive Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP
Western Digital Caviar WD800BB 80GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive
BIOSTAR GEFORCE 6100-M9 Socket 939 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
SAMSUNG Combo Drive Black IDE Model SH-M522C/BEBN - OEM
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  1. Hearing a whine when flipping the switch on the PSU is normal. What happens when you hit the case's power button?

    Sometimes the MB power switch connectors aren't marked clearly to hook them up right. I've experienced that on MANY motherboards.
  2. Take the PSU to a local computer store joint and have them test it with a PSU tester. Many will do it for free. That will tell you the state of your PSU.
  3. The whine you are hearing, as kitchenshark stated, is in fact normal. It may actually indicate that your PSU is indeed getting power and the issue lies elsewhere. You should check your connections on your motherboard as always and then see what you get. Try looking in the motherboard manual and seeing what connections go where. If not then take it to a local computer store and see what they think about it.
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