How does this 1200$ rig look?

Hey, I'm trying to build a computer (first built one), and I've selected the following components. To my knowledge, they are compatible. However, if someone can prove me wrong, I'd appreciate it.

Case: Antec 120$


Mobo: Asus A8N-SLI Delux 189$

CPU: AMD Opteron 165 327$

Memory: G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 157$

HD: Maxtor 250GB 100$

Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster 35$

Video Card: eVGA Geforce 7900GT 275$

Total: 1,287$

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro. X64 OEM 140$
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  1. Everything looks good except:

    CPU: I suggest you go with an X2 4200+... much better performance, and only costs an extra $19

    Suggested Replacement: AMD Athlon X2 4200+

    To answer your power supply question. It says 20+4 pins in the description because the last 4 pins of the main lead are detachable. Leave them attached when you are assembling this system. The supply you picked will work just fine on the A8N32-SLI.
  2. That looks like a much better processor, thanks :)
    Updated original post.

    Also, what's a good place to get Windows XP Professional for a low price?
  3. Newegg has both an OEM copy, and a Retail copy (Retail copies sold out at time of posting)

    Windows XP Pro with SP2 - OEM

    Windows XP Pro with SP2 - Retail

    Your other option would be to go for a copy of x64 Edition

    Windows XP Pro x64 Edition - OEM
  4. Would you recommend getting the x64 windows?

    Also, what's the difference between retail and OEM?
  5. Dump the X-FI and use the $130 to get a 7900GT, you can even get an Audigy SE for $30 if sound is that important to you, it will be alomst as good as the X-Fi. Oh and make sure you get 2GB of RAM, not one.
  6. So the sound card doesn't matter much, does it?
    I have 5.1 speakers, so I need at least a 5.1 sound card.
    Edit: Meh, nevermind. I forgot to read the description of the card you suggested.

    also, why would getting 2gb of ram be better?
  7. If you're going to be gaming with this rig (and from the looks of your specs that is your intention) then they are going to love the extra GB of ram...
  8. Ok, so I agree with getting the cheaper sound card and a better video card. Updated main post.

    However, I'm still skeptical about the extra gig of ram. It'll add about 100$ to my price, and it's high enough as it is. I currently run off of a 512mb ram, and it runs fine enough. I think that if I need it, I'll purchase the extra ram in the future.

    If you can find me 2gb of ram compatible with the rest of this rig for about 150$, then I guess I could upgrade.
  9. Getting a better vid card and more memory will help alot. There is a significant difference between the 7600GT and the 7900GT. 2GB of memory will help in games like BF2, and pretty much every other game. If you are building a new gaming computer, 2GB is practically a must have.
  10. actually 2gb for a new gaming rig is simply a must-have... if you're serious about it, you can't look at the ram and say "oh well, good enough"
  11. Ok, how does this look?

    G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 150$
  12. dont get a amd x2 4200... its pretty junk

    either go for a 3800, or a 4400, cause 4200 is in between both and it doesnt increase in L2 cache size.

    i would recommend you drop it to a 3800 get another GB of ram

    also, theres always enough cooling for your stock products if you aren't planning to OC it...

    if you're gonna OC, decide to get better fans for CPU and gfx card
  13. I haven't had experience with G.Skill ram myself, but I have heard good things about it.
  14. dude dont get an x2 4200 either get an x2 3800 or opty 165.
  15. If you want to keep around $1200, here's what I suggest. Drop down to a X2 3800+ or Opteron 165. Switch the ASUS mobo with a DFI one, the LanParty Ultra-D is around $120 and can be modded to be SLI compatible, although that is done at your own risk. Cutting down prices that way should give you enough headroom to get 2GB of decent ram.
  16. What's so bad about the CPU that The_Prophecy helped me pick? (The 4200 one)???

    Is this one a little better?
  17. a little better? its a shytload better than that 4200
  18. Quote:
    What's so bad about the CPU that The_Prophecy helped me pick? (The 4200 one)???

    Is this one a little better?

    You'll love it. It's a way of life.
  19. Ok, so I'll switch the CPU. Can someone help me find 2gb of decent ram?
    Also, would it be advisable to go with 2x1gb, or 4x512mb?

    How does this one look?
  20. Quote:
    Ok, so I'll switch the CPU. Can someone help me find 2gb of decent ram?
    Also, would it be advisable to go with 2x1gb, or 4x512mb?

    How does this one look?

    I've seen numerous references to the superiority of 2X1 over 4X512. I forget, do you have a budget for RAM? Lately, I've been buying OCZ at 500MHz and am happy with it. Sales and MIRs have helped to get me going there.
  21. 1.) Excellent choice with the G-Skill RAM, I have that exact same RAM, for the price it can't be beat. GET IT.

    Also the RAM will funtion fastest when you have two channels with only one DIMM in each channel, so go with 2x1GB not 4x512MB. In fact it preforms so much better a system with 2x1GB beats a system with 4x1GB in most preformance tests.

    2.) For your video card get an EVGA. Save $25 with this one and get a far better card that can over clock higher anc has a much better cooling system.

    This One >>>

    To quote myself from an earlier post:
    One big thing, get an EVGA video card if you are buying a nVidia card. There is no contest here. Not that there is anything really wrong with BFG, but EVGA provides the complete package like no other company. When buying a GeForce video card EVGA is the only way to go. EVGA has a lifetime warranty that allows overclocking and changing the stock cooling system. All the other companies forbid both of those. BFG even is low enough to only cover the fan, the only moving part, for one year. EVGA overclocks better, they always have the best cooling systems, they have the newest drivers before everyone else (right now we have 84.56 while every other manufacturer has 84.21) and EVGA has 24/7 phone support (you always get right through). They also have a Step-Up program, where they give you your FULL purchase price you paid for a card tword the purchase of a better card within the first 90 days (you have to send back the old card, they won't let you have two). I just stepped up my 7800GT CO SE to a 7900GT KO for $55. EVGA is the only way to go.

    These actully come clocked to 520MHz/1540MHz soI bought another and have my pair overclocked to 570MHz/1720MHz on stock cooling.

    3.) Get either a 3800+ or a 4400+ as it does not make sense to spend more money on a 4200+ to get 200MHz but not get the full 2MB of cache. Remember you can always overclock, you can never add cache.

    PM Me if you have any more questions as I have a similar setup and I am always happy to help out.
  22. one thing everyone seems to of forgotten to ask, do you wantto/feel comfortable overclocking? if the answer is yes stick with what you have(or consider a pentium D 805) If no, go with an X2 3800 or 4400. If you get that opty and dont overclock it, its going to be a lowpoint in an otherwise great system. I,m all for overclocking but you said this is your first biuld and I know most people dont feel comfortable doing that thier first time out. Either way it looks good. :)
  23. Meh, I'd prefer not to overclock, but by the sounds of it, the CPU is EASILY overclockable. I'm sure that there are more nice people on the internet who can help me with that one :)

    I've updated my main post with the current system specs.
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