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I too have a serious stand by problem. After installing
SP2 and I leave my computer alone for a while say about
an hour,not necessarily on the web,I can't get it to get
out of standy. A message says," preparing to enter
standby" and its stuck in that mode. I use to move the
mouse and it awakens back to my desktop but now, the
screen stays frozen with the above message. I have to
turn the computer off and then re-start it to access the
desktop and my files again. Is there an answer to correct
this problem ? Feel free to write me if you have the
answer.Thanks !!!

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    Hi Ron,

    I used to get that with my old machine that had Win98 on it, used to drive
    me crackers!

    I'd suggest go to Control Panel and click on the "Power Options" icon. When
    it opens set "Power schemes" to "Always On" and make sure the three other
    options below are all set to "Never" and see if that deals with it. Later
    some time maybe experiment with different setings to see if you can get some
    power saving combination that is alright.

    I'm assuming you're not using a laptop by the way, where the battery
    wouldn't last long doing that, much more difficult to deal with if you are
    are, might be easiest to take it into a computer doctor if so - it could be
    hardware control software or even the actual computer's design doing it. I
    very much suspect this whole power save thing has long been low priority
    amongst designers because it's not the sort of thing that gets them big
    bonuses and promotions, in fact in most labs whoever knows how the power
    supply works is usually condemned to spending their entire working life on
    nothing else but looking after that bit because no one else ever wants to get
    stuck with it! :) Albert
  2. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?)

    PS: You can also do right click on your desktop and choose Properties, the
    then Screen Saver - under the screen saver bit there's a Monitor Power
    section. Click on the Power... button.

    At the top of the Power Options window there are some tabs in addition to
    the Power Schemes one. Check those for other options, but I'd leave all the
    UPS page at whatever it is set at unless you really know what you are doing.

    :) Albert
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