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Am I able to run 2 X850 Crossfire Editions together or even seperate on a ASUS P5WD2-E Premium (Intel 975X) because I am able to get these 2 cards for a very low low price.. So can anyone help me out and fill me in on the possiblilties I have.
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  1. Yes you are. And how low of a price are we talking about? Also how about the x1800xt they perform a little better and have sm 3.0 support did you consider that option?
  2. I am also about to do this i have a x850xt
    How cheap did you find the crossfire edition
  3. Well it's not an actual sale it's at my store I work at there are 2 more left and they stopped producing them so I might be able to get them for a really good price from my manager and if it works in crossfire I want to be able to use them. Because a lot of ppl are saying how you aren't able to put them in crossfire cuz one is a main card and the other has to be a non main..... or something like that.
  4. I'm pretty sure there can only be one master card.
    ATI really messed things up with crossfire, SLI is so much easier.

    But... you can get a second x850xt for 170 bucks online and send one of those puppies over to me :D .
  5. Yea I need a Crossfire card x850 crossfire I have the x850xt

    How cheap are you talking
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