How can I always get the big window with IE?

Hi! I have Win ME and when I go on Internet with Internet Explorer, I always get small window when I pop up new window. Usually, when I open my first window, it's correct (big). Normally, with other programs, I would go on the properties of the icon, but when I go on it for Explorer, Internet properties comes so I can't use that! Anyone have ideas?
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  1. It seems to me that the size of the window when you last quit IE is the size you get when you start IE. If you mean opening a new window with a right mouse click, I think it's normal to have a smaller window.

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  2. It is effectively the last size except when it is pop-up window: for exemple when I click on a link and a new window opens, it's never the big window which is very annoying!
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  3. Yup, that's right. The first window will the the size you last used IE at, maximized or unmaximized. The "new windows" after that will be the last unmaximized size you used it at.

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  4. How come then, when I manually nearly maximize my window, does Windows does not use that size; only when it is pretty small? I will never understand Windows.......

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  5. It should. But "nearly maximize" I assume you mean manually resizing the window. Just make sure that this is the last IE window that you leave open before closing it.

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  6. You can try this:
    When you get a new window in Internet Explorer, close the original window. Resize the new window to max. Then new windows should be maximized from now on.

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  7. Your not the first to answer his gravity question.

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