Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI Bullshigma Series SATA + SATA2 Problems

Running a 64 3200+ with 4x512MB Corsair XMS wit a PCI-E 6600GT 256MB

Now add the following :

1x36GB SATA Western Digital Raptor on SiI3114 Controller ( Boot Drive )
1x250GB SATA Hitachi on SiI3114 Controller ( Backup Drive )
4x500GB SATAII Hitachi on NVidia Controller ( Raid0 Stripe 1.8TB Array )

Attach USB Keyboard and enable in Bios... now the fun really starts ! Your Silicon Image Controller disappears... actually any changes u make in bios cause problems. Only way to get windows installed on this cfg is to choose load defaults, 6 hail mary's and a lot of patience !!!

This configuration is not possible on a GA-K8NXP-SLI !!! Not without great difficulty... that involves pulling out devices and later on reconnecting them ( if u want ur boot drive to be C: ) as well as running a PS/2 Keyboard along ur USB one, to allow the F6 command during Windows XP installation. And yes... I flashed Bios to F11. Also i keep getting Windows registry errors right after windows re-installation every time i reboot ???

After battling around for 6months, I am sick of this board !!!!!

Now my question : Which Motherboard ( Gigabyte or Asus ) will support my Configuration... and the respective components.

Thanking u in advance

PS: I have 900GB of Info spread over those 4 drives, will that be lost if i attach these 4 drives to a different Raid Controller ( ie. Promise ) ?
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  1. Have you tried with just 1 stick of 512MB RAM? What brand and how many watt is your power supply? If you are installing winxp is your winxp CD came with SP2 intergrated?
  2. when you pressed f6 during the window installation, did u copy the drivers for the Nvidia controller and Sil3114 controller to floppy? Coz you can only install those 2 chipset drivers from floppy drive. You can copy those drivers out from the M.B driver CD, might be a bit hard to locate those driver files at first, but it's in the CD. The Nvidia and Sil3114 controller driver have to be installed at the F6 menu area before you can install your winxp. Unless you make another new winxp CD with those 2 chipset drivers inside.
  3. The PSU is a Thermaltake 500W, which is more than sufficient as the gfx card is a econo on W ;)

    Ram is not the issue... tried 1 stick, 2 sticks and 4 stix.. same story. Even tried a X2 CPU... no diff. Using genuine XP SP2 Pro with the Genuine Hologram ;)

    Of course i grabbed both the NVidia drivers and Sil drivers and dropped onto stiffy... F6, load them all. Problem is, I can't get SiI drives to be first ( ie: C: D: ), the raid array always takes C:...PS: after updating bios to F11 I also downloaded the new NV and SiI F6 Boot Drivers... no luck.

    Odd thing thou... NVidia Raid Controller pics up on windows installation without loading drivers via F6... the SiI doesn't.

    i am at the end of my latin... still got no answer to this : have 900GB of Info spread over those 4 drives, will that be lost if i attach these 4 drives to a different Raid Controller ( ie. Promise ) ?
  4. If you want to keep the nForce RAID from taking C:, just disable the nForce controller entirely in the BIOS until Windows is loaded. Once you have Windows installed on your Silicon Image controller, re-enable the nForce RAID and install the driver from within Windows.
  5. If you reallyl want to get the data out from the 900GB raid 0 you can try what smeghead4269 said. If you attach it to a different raid controller you probably couldn't read the datas in there, unless the raid controller is Nvidia. Isn't there any settings in bios where u can change which H.D you want it to boot from?? at Boot device orders??
  6. yeah.. theoretically that should work. Unfortunately it doesn't in practise. U see... after u install XP and re-enable ur NVidia RAID, it will not boot from the SiI controller... it's a serious glitch in the gigabyte bios i believe, as the SiI controller hdd's do not reflect in bios under "hard disk boot priority" anymore... only the Scsi 0 ( Stripe 1.8TB) reflects there now.

    I have now reinstalled windows to d:, bought 2 additional 500GB drives, backed up my 900GB of data, killed the raid and formated all drives to be used as standard 500GB drives that will work on any pc !

    Alternatively I have been looking into purchasing an Intel server PCI Raid controller with 6x SATA. That way it can run on any PC and will not interfere with boot order.

    This board works fine for gaming and basic HDD storage capacity, but if u want to use raid be aware... this board does not like it ! Actually the bios doesn't !!
  7. Wow, Gigabyte deserves a slap in the face for that one. I suppose you could try emailing their tech support and let them know that the BIOS is defective. Can't guarantee that they'll actually do anything about it. And you'd think that by version 11 they'd have gotten it right by now.

    Wow, 11 BIOS revisions. That's never a good sign. What on earth did they get right the first time?
  8. ic, I didn't know that gigabyte have this kind of problem. All I know is that some ASUS board have an annoying problem, if u use 1 SATA H.D as your winxp boot up H.D and later on if u plug in an IDE H.D to get some stuff copied over to SATA drive, the stupid Bios will boot the IDE H.D first and say there is no operating system on it. Even if u switch the IDE H.D to slave it will still want to boot the IDE H.D first before the original SATA H.D. The Bios has been updated to lastest, all you can do is go into the Bios and change the boot sequence order. Even this won't last long, for some reason it will switch back to try and boot IDE H.D after 3 or 4 weeks, if u leave the IDE H.D connected permently. They don't seem to care to fix it either, probably they only expect you to connect DVD or CD drives on the IDE connection, not IDE H.Ds. And they expect you to use SATA H.D only. Weird problems for Gigabyte & Asus.

    The PCI raid controler will work better in your situation I think. Also you can take it to any computer plug it in and use it. Just don't try it on a really old comp, it might not work probably.
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