Get windows 7 look like xp

Hello, please, how can I find the "PACK" for make win 7 look like or get windows 7 look like XP!

I love Xp, and I wish the new icon and menu right on start button of W7 ACT like XP. I wish perfomance w7 but theme XP!

Thanks, papelnet @ hotmail
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  1. WHY?

    XP looks like turd in comparison
  2. Yep, I'm in the camp of hating anything MS does that tries to look hip. They just suck, right out of the box. Of course I love the productivity, features and stability of Win7, but the first theme they show us is just clutter.

    The only thing I've discovered (for those who see it the same way) is to go into control panel, apperance, themes, and change it to something else, like "windows classic".

    For those in my camp, not to worry. We'll adapt, and even love the L&F of Win7 enough to hate what comes next... by comparison!
  3. fowang said:

    XP looks like turd in comparison

    Some people like to get on with their work, not jerk off over their pretty W7 desktop.

    If you can't give someone a sensible answer then keep your ******* mouth shut.

    FoWang you are a ****!
  4. I was (for many years) running XP (I didn't run Vista at all). However, I ran XP in "Classic" mode, so it looked like Windows NT.

    I wouldn't mind switching Windows 7 to look like Windows NT, too - the new UI hides some of the things I want to see. Took me a while to find "Add/Remove Programs", for example. Not impressed by the new Control Panel, either.

    One of the first things I do on a new installation is to switch off the hiding of file extensions (HATE that!). I turn on viewing hidden files, and operating system files. I'm a low-level systems developer, so I like to know where things like BOOTMGR and NTLDR are located. Windows 7 annoyed me by moving the BCD off to a hidden partition (don't worry, I can get access :) ).

    So if you think the OP is living in the past by wanting to see Windows 7 looking like Windows XP, do I qualify as worse for wanting to see Windows 7 looking like Windows XP looking like Windows NT?
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