Known details to date regarding ATI R600 and nVidia G80

Hello everyone.

I read the following article (tid-bits) at the Inq. on the upcoming R600 and the G80. Not much info there, except that R600 may have upto 60+ shaders etc.

What I would like to know is if there is any more info known as to the G80 and the R600. We all know that they are of DX10 generation and may use GDDR4. They will both, most probably, be on 90 nanometer process, so the clock speeds won't go much beyond 700Mhz.

So what else is public domain?

P.s' Flaming Inq., or my habbit of reading it will be counter productive. Thanks.
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  1. I for one appreciate posts like this... I missed the article referenced in this post... virtually everyone here knows that the change to DX10/Vista is going to be a huge one and those next-gen cards are definitely worth reading up on.
  2. Its all speculation at the moment, but either chipset should be interesting, since ATI/Nvidia will probably introduce GPU physics hardware support in order to compete against Ageia. However, I'm focusing more on the graphics potential, but info on that is sketchy as well. ATI/Nvidia are fairly tight-lipped on the subject at the moment, and I don't know much about what DirectX10 is offering in terms of graphical candy other than the Unified Shader Architecture. All in all, I'm waiting for official news, not Inquirer news.
  3. According to the Inquirer, ATI is delaying the release of 80nm GPUs. While the article only refers to the R5xx GPUs, a delay will mean that 80nm R600 will debut later as well. A 80nm X1900XT would be nice and will allow ATI to be competetive against nVidia when it comes to power consumption.

    There is also a rumor that there will be two versions of the R600; one will be the 80nm, and the other will be 65nm.
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