X800 XL vs. X850 XT PE (overclocked/AGP)

The title may be a little deceiving. I'm actually talking about an X800 GTO (modified bios to X800 XL) would fare against an X850 PRO (modified to X850 XT PE). I can get the X800 GTO for $126 and the X850 PRO for $220. This will by the last card for my dying AGP machine. I've checked out the differences on THG's interactive VGA charts, and there seems to be a usual 7 to 10 frame difference. Though, I don't think that alone is extensive enough to truly understand the real performance difference between the two.

Do you guys think the price difference between the cards would justify the extra performance if I modified and fully OC'ed to what the stock cooling would allow me on an X850 PRO?
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  1. Yes, I've known what you've said to be true about where the cards stand. I need to know how big of a difference I'll see between the two. And, will the difference be enough to justify an extra $90-100 for an X850 XT PE over an X800 XL?
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