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Hey all,

I just bought a 2x1gb kit of DDR2 5300 from Fry's for $170 for my new computer, but I've been trying to get poduct information from Patriot's site and the web in general to no avail. They don't even list the memory times in the product specs!

So I was hunting for more info when I came upon this bit of news:

Manufacturing Process

To meet the growing global demand for its products, Patriot manufactures its Extreme Performance (EP), Dual Channel (DC) and Signature Line (SL) products in it own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with highly skilled staff in Fremont, California USA.

So does that mean that the Signature Line kit that I bought is not Dual Channel capable? I was under the impression that dual channel memory was enabled in the bios if you have two or four sticks of the same stuff...

Could someone please clarify this for me? In the mean time, I'm going to call their tech support line and see if I can get any info there.

Thanks in advance.


Ok, I'm a dumbass. If a mod wants close/delete this thread, I wouldn't mind at all. I should have simply called their tech support to answer my own question. (Side note: my call went right through (no menus!) and the guy seemed pretty knowledgeable.)

The memory runs at 5-5-5-15 and 1.8 volts, and the only reason it isn't listed as Dual channel is because their website is out of date and besides I was right anyways.

Ok, new question. Does anyone have this memory and what's your impression of it? Does it overclock at all? Just curious.
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  1. Hahaha...that's funny. I generally have to wait forever for support. Actually I called Patriot before and had to wait only a few minutes before someone got to me, not bad at all. I've got some of their cheapy stuff from newegg for my friends and family. Never had a problem. :lol:

    I'm been looking to build a budget gaming system for myself with this same memory your looking at with a P5LD2 and D805. But my other option is going with nF4 and X2 3800 with some of Patriot's DDR1. Can't decide.... :roll:

    Here are some reviews I found. Actually you can find reviews on there products on Patriot's website as well. Its

    cheers :wink:
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