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I am trying to build a new PC in the next few weeks. So far this is what I am thinking:

Processor: AMD 64 4000
GPU: nVidia 7900gt

I have heard a lot of good things about the AMD 64 X2 3800 on this board, should I go with that instead? Or even upgrade to the 4800? I hear that there aren't a lot of games out that need a Dual Core Processor, but should I get one to keep my PC current for as long as possible?

Also I don't know which Motherboard to run. . . I was thinking about going with a SLI board. That way a few months down the road I can pick up another 7900gt for cheap and run it in SLI then, while running it in the single card configuration for now. Does that sound crazy? Is that even possible? How big of a power supply am I going to need for an SLI setup?

Lastly I want to use a Widescreen monitor, I was thinking a 19-20.1" monitor, will this GPU allow a decent resolution on a monitor like this?

Work will pay upto 2k for my home "work" machine, so I don't want to go too much past that mark. I am sure this will be more than enough for some number crunching :P

Thanks for the help.
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  1. An AThlon64 4600+ would be best. Just over clock to 5000+ levels on Air/Fans
  2. I think most everyone here would advise against that 4000+ processor... mainly because it's a single-core processor. For months and months people ranted and raved that the future belonged to dual core CPUs... well, now IS the future in that sense... plenty of games will already utilize a second processor and it's only logical to conclude that most new releases will utilize the additional processing power.

    I have an X2-4400 and although I love it, I think had I known what I know now I'd have bought an Opteron instead. Might want to do some more homework before you jump on that 4000+ processor.
  3. The other issue is I doubt I will be overclocking it, due to the fact that I know nothing about overclocking. It's almost comical when an IT guys knows nothing about computers, isn't it?
  4. The 4000+ Sandy isn't bad, but it is not a good deal at that price...
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