Use internal drive externally without enclosure kit?

Hey. I'm just wondering if you can just use an IDE to USB converter and power supply rather than an "enclosure kit" to turn an internal dvd burner into an external one. I mean, is there any benefit to having the aluminum case around the drive? My only thought was that maybe it would help protect it from static discharge, but would this really be an issue? Thanks.
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  1. Might work okay but wouldn't it look a bit crap? Might save a few quid/dollars but would it really be worth it?
  2. Having the enclosure will also protect the drive from dust, debris, spills, ESD, and other things.
  3. Ok idea, there is no problem doing that, not even with a hard drive. There are extra risks you take that the above poster mentioned, and in the end, after spending money on the adapter, and possibly replacing your drive, you might have wished you purchased an emptly inclosure in the first place.
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