Problem to install Office 2007 enterprise version in Windows 7

I have Windows 7 home basic version with 64 bit architecture I had 60 days trial version of ms office. I uninstalled it and tried to install office 2007 enterprise version. But while installing, it couldn't "find" some xml files (though present) and therefore I couldn't install it. Please suggest.
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  1. Bit strange. I too have Enterprise on 64 bit Pro and it installed without a hitch. I take it this is a legit copy of Office (just checking, you never know sometimes)? If it's legit and it's off of the DVD, I don't see why it wouldn't install.

    My guess is an xml file or 2 were thrown out of whack with the uninstall.

    I would try to re-install the trial version, don't uninstall it and then try to re-install the Enterprise version. If you do not have the disk, just Dl it from MS's website.
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