ATI Mobility X1400 Driver Update Question

My laptop has an ATI X1400 video subsystem and runs Windows Media Center 2005... application stability is great... perfect... but gaming stability is NOT. The Sims 2 routinely causes a BSOD on exit and in the message I can spot an ATI file as the culprit. I've updated drivers a thousand times, but I'm having a little bit of difficulty with this one.

Can anyone please explain the process for updating my ATI video driver? Something is telling me it's not as straight-forward as it should be. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Rodney. Do you use normal Catalyst drivers (as found on the main link on ati website)? I think that media center uses a slightly altered driver for ATi cards.

    To uninstall:
    Download and install Driver Cleaner Pro
    Use add/remove programs to remove Catalyst.
    Reboot into safe mode
    Use Driver Cleaner and clean a.) CAB file and b.) Remove all ATi programs
    Reboot normal and install drivers
  2. You could roll back the driver?
  3. Long story short... I went to the Dell web site and downloaded an updated driver package from there... just ran Setup and clicked next a few times... rebooted and it worked. The updated driver did appear to resolve some gaming issues I was having.

    Something in my gut was telling me I should uninstall the old driver and then use a generic driver then install the new one... the driver installation process did uninstall the old application and driver set first... guess it was easier than I expected.

    Thanks for the replies.
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