SOYO KT600 V1.0 nb temps

I have a soyo kt600 dragon v1.0 with a amd xp 3000+ barton. I have a pretty good oc on this(stk 1.8 @ 400mgz oc to 2.25). my north bridge seem to be running pretty hot( reported by speed fan) jumps up to 138 f.
now thats a hell of alot hotter that my cpu is getting. should i worry about this temp getting so high. I assume that this is from my oc. But i have this crazy feeling that im getting a false reading from speed fan. Is that possible? Any other programs out the that i can use to test this?

Long time prowler, 2nd time poster. Usually can find all the answers I need just doing some searches.
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  1. Come on guys!! There has to be someone out there that has had to work with this board.
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