Please help me decide on Antec case and psu

Hey guys

I'm building a new system that will mainly be used for gaming. And I really can't decide which case and psu to take

This is my config

Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe
AMD 3800+ X2 Dual-core
Zalman Cnps 9500-CU cooler
Asus EN7900GT TOP 256MB PCI-express
Western Digital 250 Gb 16 Mb
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Music sound card
2 Gb Corsair memory
1 DVD (BenQ)

I want an Antec case and psu but I doubt between
- Antec Performance P180 No Psu
- Antec SLK 3800B 400 watt Smart Power 2.0
- Antec Sonata II 450 watt Smart Power 2.0
- Antec NSK6500 430 watt
- Antec Performance P150 430 watt
-Antec Neo HE Power Supply 430 watt
-Antec Phantom Power Supply 500 watt fanless
-Antec True Power 2.0 Psu 480 watt

At first I was thinking to combine the P180 case with the Phantom psu but that's too expensive so I'm looking for alternatives

What do you recommend ? The P150 or Sonata II ? Or the P180 with True Power psu ? Or something else ? Lots of possibilities and i can't make up my mind !

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  1. P150 is better than the sonata.

    if u get the P150u cna use the PSU included.

    if u get another case incuding the P180 get the NeoHE 500w i hacve one its a nice unit.
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