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While I was playing Age of Empires 3 I recieved the Nvidia Temperature warning while in game. It told me it would decrease the proformance to lower the temperature. This has happened before in the Titan Quest demo, and I was just wondering do the GPU speeds go back to stock on a reboot? I let my computer sit for 10 minutes with the side panel off and I put it back on and started up, I was just wondering if the speeds reset or not thanks for your time.
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  1. I believe they do, although i'm not 100% sure about that answer. Hopefully someone will come along who knows for sure. But if your temps are getting high enough to cause you to have to underclock the card... then you should consider getting a better heatsink for the card. Consider the:

    Zalman VF900


    Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5

    Note: Before purchasing either of these, make sure they are compatible with your Nvidia card.

    Zalman Homepage
    Arctic Cooling Homepage
  2. Now there are a number of things that could be wrong with your 6800,
    Back in the day i have a gainward 6800 AGP and that company didn't get the thermal compound right so i took off the old thermal compound that was on the stock cooler and replaced everything with some Arctic silver 5 which worked perfectly, and even allowed me to overclock!

    Now, i'm guessing that is what is wrong with your card but it is also totally possible that you have a defective card...
  3. download rivatuner then turn your fan up to like 100%(lol in your case) i keep mine at 80 but the stock fan speed is usually 50%. Good Luck.
  4. just get after market cooler if the stock cooler isnt cutting the cake
  5. Quote:
    just get after market cooler if the stock cooler isnt cutting the cake
    Maybe the HS/F's just clogged with dust and crap. Check it out.

    GL :)
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