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It may sound kind of silly, but I am looking for information on how to record video in a compressed format from my STB TV card. It records AVI, which takes 385MB for a 1 minute clip! I have a very powerful system, but my pour 20GB 7200 RPM hard drive can barely keep up!
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  1. has a great codec for encoding/decoding. Last time I checked they were giving away registration. The Codec works well for me. I average a little over 100MB per minute at quality level 19 and get right around a 13 to 1 compression ratio during capture. I use virtual dub as the capture program. In my opinion there is no substitute for Virtual Dub.

    Good luck. This combo solved my problems in a big way.
  2. Ok, downloaded and installed PCICVIDEO2. Now what Ap can I use to run it? Could not find "virtual dub", and it does not show up in my STB software options.
  3. First of all, don't use the software that came with your STB card. Virtual dub can be found at and doesn't cost any money to download. You can capture an AVI using the PICVIDEO codec. You can select the PICVIDEO codec under the compression once you have entered capture mode.

    Step One. Load Virtual DUB and enter capture AVI mode.
    Step Two. Set all of your settings, including selecting capture multi-segmented AVI. You want to make sure to select frame rate and audio rate as well as the compression, screen size or any other parameter you want. Also select a capture file save area.
    Step Three. Edit the video. You will need to use the de-interlace option in virtual dub if you are over 240 in vertical resolution.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more help.
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