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hi :hello:
i am currently a management student and i have been asked to make a (10 slides not more ) project on storage devices from a business point of view.
any ideas or suggestions regarding the content or how to go about the project are welcome. :bounce:
i had planned to show how data storage has developed from a business point of view right from the golden age of computers. :sweat:
my deadline is Thursday next week ,but i prefer to finish sooner as i would get other projects from other subjects too. :cry:
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  1. Here is a good start.

    Rule 1. Storage for businesses should focus on minimising data loss (at an appropriate cost point depending on the size or the business), and the criticality of the computer system to the the businesses core focus ... so a business system should either have a RAID (llok up which is the best for redundancy) based primary storage system, and / or a quality programmed tape backup which is able to run overnight.

    Here is a history lesson or three:

    Good luck ... and next time don't leave it so late !!
  2. hey there thanks for the links and useful insight.
    i had actually posted this the very date i got the assignment....anyway just two days have passed and i already have three more assignments....god life at b-schools is like juggling knives have to be concentrating all the time.
    i was wondering should i include the role of cloud-computing as possible future for business info where information will no longer be restricted to physical drives but floating in cyberspace(almost)
  3. Possibly, but as with off-site data backups there is the issue of enhanced security measures being required ... depending on the type of business.

    Client databases have sensitive information that are often the key to retaining the business (raw charges / specific information that allows you to keep the client happy) ... therefore off-site access means the possibility of increased vulnerability to commercial espionage.

    I'd also mention something about data encryption in that case ...

    Good luck.
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