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anyone willing to suggest a 3rd party cooler for the X1900 series cards? almost all the reviews i've read comment on the noise of the stock cooler. sure you can drown it out with some serious FPS sound effects, but why not get something that cools better and quieter? would be even better if they could free up some space, but that might be asking a bit much!
looking through varies forums, the coolers that come up every so often are:
Zalman VF900-Cu
Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7
are the Zalman coolers really that good? will they even let you OC a bit?
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  1. The Zalman VGA coolers are good, though you need a case fan blowing air onto them to see big results. I suggest you go for the Arctic Cooling Accelero X2. It does a good job and its quiet, so you can't go wrong. Some people may think the AC cooler should exhaust the air out of the case, but the Zalman HSFs don't do so either, and when tested, the AC coolers have come out on top. Either way though, Zalman and AC are very good for cooling down that hot X1900 gfx card.
  2. i also heard the accelero x2 was an alternative, but i also read that once it's on, there's no going back.
  3. Where the hell did you read that? You mean as in it voids your warranty? But replacing any stock HSF from a graphics card voids the warranty. Common fact. But if you mean it can't be removed once it has been attached, I think you are wrong there.
  4. i have no idea if i'm wrong or not, but i found this:

  5. Eh... one person. He could have had a faulty batch of thermal pads with his Accelero, who knows. I haven't seen an uproar about the Accelero coolers here and you know how populated this place is.
  6. No I think that guy was BSing and I don't belive it for a second. I don't know why you would remove the arctic cooling HSF anyway they are really quite good.

    I have used the silencers for three of my previous cards and they are good. Not sure about the new acelro ones haven't used them yet but I am sure they are good as well. I saw a review where it got 95 out of 100 marks can't be bad.
  7. I've read loads of reviews on the Accelero coolers, and they would have said something when they had to remove the cooler. But nothing along those lines had been said, so I guess that is an isolated case or a guy BSing. The reviews are clear enough :wink:
  8. in the end i might just get an HiS IceQ3 card. you save a bit on not having to buy a good heat sink at all! :P
  9. Good Idea you can't get that HSF on the HIS card any where else and it is very good.
  10. is there any difference in btw the ATI card vendors, ie ASUS MSI HiS etc? are are they all the same cards in diferrent boxes?
  11. Genrally they are all the same apart from different stickers. Some vendors of cards tend to have more reliable cards than others but I personally wouldn't be able to comment on this.
  12. HIS and saphire have models w/ "custom" heatsinks and ones that are ati reference. (saphire even has one w/ the thermaltake water cooler that takes up the same room as a standard 1900)

    powercolor has a lifetime warranty, which is why I have it, but you cant put on an aftermarket sink w/o voiding it. Asus and msi afaik have differing software bundles but are the same ati reference. Don't know about any others.
  13. I picked up the Zalman cooler (the 900) and used it on the X1900XT. I was able to OC the card to the maximum allowed in the software with no artifacts or problems (even after 3 hours of BF2). That cooler is very quiet, efficient and easy to install.
  14. i fitted an accelero x2 today on my 1900xt. the fan is practically silent and cools very well. it does raise the ambient temps a bit (especially if you have the northbridge directly below it), so i placed a quiet 80mm fan next to the card blowing accross the card to the back of the case. here are my results:

    stock: gpu= 50.6 accelero x2= 43.25
    gpu amb=46 x2=42
    gpu vr= 57 x2=45
    cpu= 37 x2=37
    m/b=35 x2=32

    stock: gpu=89.1 accelerox2 =72
    gpu amb=61 x2=57
    gpu vr= 76 x2=58
    cpu= 43 x2=45
    m/b=37 x2=36
    as you can see the only rise in temp is the cpu (x2 4400) at full load. these results are with the accelero fan at 100% but it is still silent (and a country mile better than stock!!)

    btw for temp measurement i use everest and rivatuner
  15. Those temps are pretty good but I don't understand they why they didn't keep the old cooler design which had exhasts out of the back of the case.

    I spose they wouldn't have changed it if the new accelero design wasn't better :?. The acceleros have heatpipes as well which helps but still I am sure they could have kept the exhast. They could have changed thier design to one like the new HIS card cooler maybe they just felt like a change.
  16. the reason for the lack of exhaust is that the accelero is a btx design, ie natural airflow takes care of the heat. the only problem is that seeing as all of 12 people have btx cases, they have jumped the gun a bit.
    bottom line is as long as you have good airflow in your case, there is no reason to worry.
    maybe someone will come out with an exhausting cooler, but until then i would recommend the x2
  17. I don't understand BTX, apparently my case can be turned from ATX to BTX but would it be worth it? Does it have a better airflow and can any components be used or do you need specific hardware?
  18. http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/coolers/display/20041115175031.html
    personally, i know next to nothing about btx, other than that it places components elsewhere in the case to improve cooling,ie changing motherboard layout to put the processor closer the the front intake fan
  19. Quote:
    anyone willing to suggest a 3rd party cooler for the X1900 series cards? almost all the reviews i've read comment on the noise of the stock cooler.

    My dB meter measured the supposedly quieter 7900GT to be louder than the X1900XT. For sure, I can hear the 1900XT, but it seems to be a less obnoxious pitch than the 7900GT. One option that got decent reviews is the ThermalTake Tide water. It has 2 fan speeds and on low it cools in the ballpark of the stock HSF and is quite a bit quieter. Takes up two PCI slots though. Not really an ideal solution but it does dump its heat out back, which is a good thing.
  20. The sound is not the only problem with the stock cooler on the 1900XT my mate has one (brand new computer :cry:) and before he changed to the accelero the card was very hot not just noisey.
  21. Hi,
    I bought an Accelero X2 for my (previously very loud) Saphire 1900XT
    Installation is very easy, and I m rewarded with quiet and cooler operation of the VGA card now. Silence was what I was looking for. At normal core and mem speed (625/725) I run about 10°C cooler and now I can push the card a little more (Ati automatic overclock now advises me 660/797). I played Oblivion several hours without problm at that speed.

    Concerning the removability of the Accelero X2, well when it s just installed, it s not a problem to remove it (I tried). But honestly I think that with time the termal pad will probably harden a bit and bond to the memory chip. After all these thermal pad are "silicone-elastomer sheet filled with thermally conductive ceramic particles" and you cannot prevent silicone to stick a little. However it s not a real issue, use an exacto, remove the thermal pads and replace them by new one if you need to. There is really nothing fancy about them. Actually I received my AcceleroX2 with 3M 5506 or 5509 type thermal pad, see here for specification


    On the original Saphire stock cooler, the thermal pads have a polyester
    carrier film that is a permanent part of the pad construction and is in contact with the mem. This polyester film is absolutely non sticky, but I suspect that this additional material on the thermal pad is degrading the thermal transfer performance. That is probably why Arctic Cooling chosed to use the version without the polyester carrier film (3M thermal pad are available with carrier film as well with 5506S and 5509S reference).

    As for heat dumped into the case, I m using an Antec P180 with separate air flow and didn t notice any heat increase.
  22. well, while it sounds like a good cooler it still dumps heat in the case. When compared to the stock cooler it will rais ambient temps no matter what case you use, that is inevitable. All reviews I have seen confirm that. But you said it is not an issue, and I think that is where the choice really is;

    Do you stick w/ stock and put up with noise and hotter gpu, or Do you get a cooler/quieter gpu and get a hotter internal case temp?

    Clearly if you have the cooling in your case (like your p180) then the choice should be clear. BUT if you have a cramped case w/ bad airflow, or dont want to void the warranty (yet) then perhaps the stock cooler is just fine.

    I have used other arctic cooling sinks and they have been top quality, and I am sure that the accelero is good as well. I have seen reviews that show the zalman (mentioned above by HA_ZEE) trading blows with it, and it is much lighter in weight. Just something else to think about. ;)
  23. That about sum up all I though about before buying this cooler :wink:
    The Zalman cooler is probably as good as the accelero one, maybe better ... who knows ...

    You are right, dumping heat into the case when vents on the vga card are just a few centimeters away is still a strange idea. These people are not stupid, so I guess there must be a reason, but I m a bit puzzled by this design decision :?: :?
    If heavy overclocking is one's obejctive, this cooler is certainly not a good choise.
    Maybe water cooling is the way to go for total quietness and excellent cooling ... but it s too much hassle for me
  24. the lazy way to sort this out in the end was to buy the HIS IceQ3 version of the X1900. it is quiet, but i have nothing to compare it too. besides, my case fans drown out everything anyway!
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