P5N32 SLI Deluxe power problem

I just built a new system with this MB and a
P4 630 EM64T proc,
2 X 1GB GSkill DDR2 667,
4 80GB SATAII WD Caviars,
MSI GeForce 7600GT,
Thermatake CPU Fan (The Large one),
IN Pro 460W PSU,
Aspire Dreamer-X II Case, and a
Samsung DVD-R.

Here is my problem:

The PSU didn't have an 8 pin 12v connector so I ordered a 4-8 pin adapter to use. With this 8 pin adapter installed When I try to boot up the computer all of my fans and LEDs twitch somewhat and the MB won't post. Now when I disconnect the 8 pin completely the MB will power up and fans will all spin up perfectly, but the MB won't post anything on screen. It appears that I am having a power issue so I ordered a 680W Aspire PSU just to be safe. I was browsing Newegg and on the page where you can order the MB I have it has combo specials for 450 W PSU made by ASUS. I am thinking I should at least get my rig to POST with just the power connected to the MB and video card plugged in. I disconnected everything but these and this problem still occurs.

Any ideas or help would be appretiated.
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  1. I have the same mobo, I dont use the 4 to 8 pin cable, Im using the 4pin cable from the psu direct to the mobo, it fits to the right of the 8pin socket, its working fine,

    Pentium D 940 proc,
    2 X 1GB OCZ Gold DDR2 667,
    250GB SATAII Hitachi DeskStar,
    eVGA GeForce 7800GT CO,
    Thermatake Blue Orb II CPU Fan
    Antec TruePower II 550W PSU,
    Thermatake Armor Black Case,
    Samsung DVD-R.
  2. I went to bench test this MB and hooked power up to it, crossed the power pins and BOOM smoke came from the caps near the cpu! I guess the MB was faulty!
  3. Smoke is not what you want to see from a new Asus MB!

    Im just wondering if it was the PSU and not the MB!

    If I were you I would throw away the PSU before it kills another MB!

    While you get a new MB go and get a new 550 -600w PSU. Get a PSU that is like Silverstone, Tagan, somehting reptuable.

    You have a decent set up and spending a bit on a new PSU can be easily justified.
  4. Thanks for the advice I ordered a Sparkle 550W and still waiting on the MB to come in.
  5. Please up date me and tell me how it is now???
  6. It ended up being a faulty MB, I had to RMA it and get a new one and everythign worked perfectly. I ended up using the new PSU anyways since it had stronger rails. Thanks for you help!
  7. My board smoked straight away, TOTALLY blown.
    I took it back to the retail distributer, who later informed by phone, that the ziff pins were bent on it, so they would not accept the board back!!

    "So I'm buggered then?"

    - yep, says the retail 'tester'.

    I'll be back on this :evil:
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