Radeon 9250 PCI V.S. GF FX 5500 PCI

Which is better. I have old computer with Celeron 700 Hz (Coppermine) on ASUS Cuple VM board (no AGP slot), don't have cash for new computer but I can mannage for a new graphica card instead of the integrated one on the board.
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  1. Either would be fine, I doubt it'd make a difference.

    The only reason to choose one over the other is if one is crippled with a 64-bit memory interface. Do a little research on those specific cards because I believe both come in either 64-bit or 128-bit memory busses. A 128-bit memory bus would be far superior to a 64-bit bus.

    Keep in mind, that's not onboard RAM, like 128mb or 64mb... the memory bus is an interface, and it will be specified in 'bits'.
  2. I'm aware of bit difference, I have asked a friend to look for 128 MB 128 bit card in Suisse, but as I saw on net it's not easy to find one with 128/128, most of them are 128/64. Reason to ask this question is GF is DirectX 9, R 9250 is 8.1. My computer is not top of the line but I would like to get best for the money.
  3. A 5500 will have to default to a Dx8 path to get playable performance anyway.

    But a 64-bit interface will really slow you down...
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