PSU Problem? Testing a x1800xt

I was just testng my new x1800xt on my friends computer but now his network connection isn't working properly.

ipconfig doesn't show any IP addresses and stuff.

Also screen flickers a little.

He is running a 400W PSU below the 450W recommended but we could boot up Oblivion ok and there wasn't any artefacting.

Is something else stuffed or is it hte PSU acting up?

windows stills shows the network adapter as working properly and connected to the network.

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  1. release and renew the IP address, and make sure the screen wasn't reset to 60hz.
  2. It would just sow Windows IP Configuration and nothing else as if it couldn't find the DNS sever but we checked and there was nothing wrong with the server.

    I'll try to release and renew though.
  3. I assume you mean the DHCP server, but if release/renew doesn't work (and you've rebooted the machine, I'm sure) then you might try to either uninstall the nic and have it reinstalled on the next boot, reinstall the driver, or remove and reinstall the TCP/IP protocol, which will sometimes get corrupted and do wacky stuff, but that is not very common compared to the other things.

    Oh, BTW, you could also enter the IP manually, but I'm assuming you are using a DHCP server so you should try to troubleshoot it from that angle first, IMO.
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